9 comments on “Why do you guys treat Fukuda Maro as a joke?

  1. If she was raised abroad like Utada Hikaru, she could really become one. She is that talent. By being Japanese society, somehow the outlet of her talents points toward being an idol, which does not quite suit her.

  2. Maro was a great singer, great dancer, great talker, one of the most outstanding H!p’s personalities ever, she had a superpretty face and an amazing butt and she gave all for her group. Shit boys, how can anyone not love Maro???

    Now my dream is a Maro’s youtuber channel, with a drunk Meimei as special guest one time per week.

    We all love you, Maro.

  3. Maro was definitley one of the all around all time greats. She was the type of idol who was legitimately good at everything. But in the end, she couldn’t overcome the Legendary centers of S-mileage/Angerme. Maeda Yuuka and Tamura Meimi are absolute centers/ True idols who will swallow up everyone else around them. Maro who was just a talented person trying to become a great idol couldn’t overcome that absolute center walll of Yuukarin and Meimei

    • I think this is the best way to explain her situation. It also contributed to her insecurity. I believe her insecurity lead to her most annoying bits, but in her insecurity was the Maro I wanted to protect. She left too early, I would have loved a couple more years of her false over confident braggadicco. Im just happy I get to read her lyrics from time to time. I hope she sticks with it.

  4. She just wasn’t pretty enough.
    That’s it really.
    I don’t really understand all the mental gymnastics people say like she’s so talented but “bothersome”.
    Just admit it.
    She was overtaken by less talented but prettier girls.
    It’s a natural reaction by humans to favor better looking people.

  5. Yeah, Maro was just too self-aware and too competent. Idol moe is all about that gap. Consider this clip. Maro is so professional and facilitating that things just end with a smooth finish. She can’t deliver a good punchline, whereas Yuukarin and Dawa being inappropriate and clueless bring the entertainment.

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