13 comments on ““Every idol wota who lectures idols needs to read this a thousand times.”

  1. It’s really weird, isn’t it. A handshake event should be about fans being grateful to shake their idol’s hand. Instead they’re trying to lecture them.

    Also, saying stuff like “you’re skin has gotten worse” or the bad-hair-day comment is not lecturing. It’s downright rude and tactless.

  2. Well, that’s what happens when you force girls to interact directly with the public. You can’t possible control what people will say to them and not every interaction will be a pleasant one.

  3. I’m sure the girls are smart enough to realize that a lot of their fans are socially and mentally maladjusted. There’s no reason to take what a fan says seriously. It’s like dealing with someone with dementia.

    “Oh you say you’re a dentist and you need to go to your office to work? That’s nice.”

    “Oh you say my singing was bad yesterday? Oh that’s nice thank you for your criticism.”

    When you deal with people in pretty much any line of work a bunch of them are going to be mentally damaged and it’s best not to take it personally although I understand a young girl might not understand this. Hopefully their managers and producers just tell them “That fan said something bad about you? Well, he’s retarded and doesn’t know shit so just ignore it.”

    • An important thing said was that this is about kids going through puberty. Doesn’t matter their sex, words have a far greater effect. Especially when they’re still new to the industry and hasn’t had time to develop thick skin.

      And depending on the idol and that day’s events, they might keep hearing the same criticisms. It’s always easy to brush off rudeness here and there, but not when it’s fairly frequent. Then it begins to turn into negative reinforcement that ends up sticking in their mind which can cause early retirement or affect their mental health.

      However, given how blunt the person expressed “they will hate you!”, that means most idols do indeed brush it off even if it annoys or hurts them. And if they remember your face, it’s so they can shut your voice out next time they show up because you proved unworthy to be listened to loll

  4. “You often see this stuff in YouTube comments — these people who seem to have this weird sense of duty where they think, “if I don’t cricitize these idols, the group and the office as a whole isn’t going to get any better!”

    Exactly why I stopped reading comments on YouTube.

    “You wouldn’t believe how deeply it can hurt a girl who’s going through puberty when you tell them stuff like that. It’s as if you were breaking a huge glass into a million pieces.”

    As the old adage says: If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

  5. I remember Meimi was scolded by a fan during summer 2015, something about being too harsh to the 3rd gen members. She had to take a break from an event because she was bawling. It’s crazy how entitled some wota feel.

  6. Keep on saying positive things on them, and always cheer on them when they down. This is the real thing to support our idol.

  7. Yep comment 107 is my mood… MARO~! I love you… Where would we lowly wota be without you? Hurry up and write more songs for me to praise you for, and you completely ignore me for it!

  8. That’s right. You don’t lecture idols.
    The proper way is smugly telling their fans how shit their oshi is.

  9. How do people even muster up the ball to criticize the girls while shaking their hand? If I were within 3 feet of Harunan, I’d be too busy trying to hold my fangirling in to lecture her about her Sayumi-style singing.

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