31 comments on “Nonaka Miki makes switch from inconvenient iPhone to superior, SD card-supported Android

  1. More H!P girls changing to android hopefully means the shop will have phone cases that are not iPhone-only.

    • Ya, it is annoying how limited their phone cases were before. You either had to have an iPhone or whatever flavor of Sony Xperia phone they had during that time. I’m usually 1-2 generations behind, so I could never get a case.

      They have some universal cases now. The back of the phone just needs to be fairly flat to be useable. I don’t bother, I just buy whatever case I can find and use the H!P phone stand/ring thing that sticks to the back of your phone.

  2. Apple products are so crappy, who cares about the emoji just pick the better product.

    • I’m choosing better looking emoji’s over the Android ones, for starters. Also just can’t work with Android. I use iMac, iPhones, Apple Watch etc. so that’s just the way to go for me ?

  3. main reasons android is the better version:

    1) you can access the battery without violating product warranty;
    2) expanding storage space via SD cards; and
    3) instead of having to constantly pick-and-choose what’s on your phone, you just add

    • I’m hoping #1 eventually goes away. 18 states are trying to put in “Right to Repair” laws, to allow people to repair their electronics.

    • point 1 is pretty irrelevent now since batteries on latest phones aren’t easily removable anymore. or in worse case, requires a heat gun to remove.

  4. I went from an iPhone to Android and back to iPhone but only because the battery life for my galaxy S5 was terrible, even after getting a new battery. The performance is better but it comes at a cost, I guess… but yeah, pretty much everything else about Android is better, maybe I’ll just try a different hardware than Samsung next time.

  5. I only use Android, as the microSD slot is pretty much a requirement for me. I like to store music videos and mp3s on my phone. Also when I travel (8+ hour plane rides), I’ll put movies on my phone.

    It doesn’t matter to me how much storage is on the phone stock, as I don’t want to be paying for the same storage over and over again with each phone upgrade. Buy the lowest storage version of the phone I want for cheap and swap my 200 GB microSD card over.

    Not to mention, when swapping phones, simply backup to the microSD card and then import it into the new phone. No need to use the internet or connect to a computer to do it.

    Anyways, I’ve used Samsung, Dell, and LG. So far, my favorite make is Sony. I like the Xperia phones. Same power as any other brand, but they tend to be a generation behind when it comes to features. Although, I don’t like that they got rid of the 3.5mm jack like the other brands. At least they haven’t done that stupid screen notch.

  6. Good choice, Nonamii.
    Unfortunately, this is where the REAL test begins…

    Is she a Samsung gal? or LG? HTC? Motorola?

    • I’d be really impressed if she was using something obscure and geeky like a Nexus. XD

      >>Henkka: I would’ve translated this thread sooner, but I was busy putting stuff on my Android’s massive SD card.

      *pshht* My SD card is bigger than yours :P

      • anyone who reads phone reviews and orders their phones online would get a nexus. i would have gotten any number of google phones if i wasn’t tied down by my telcom, and don’t feel like spending extra money to buy a separate phone that my telcom doesn’t sell/support.

    • Possibly none of them, as she’s in Japan. She could have a Sony, Sharp, Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc. Course if I had to guess, I’d say Samsung or Sony.

  7. Sooooo,speaking of android, MM, and phones, do you know this game called FukumuRun? Well, it’s a good game (pretty much like temple run but eith button controls).

    Just wondering if you guys know it too.
    Btw it doesn’t consume a large space on your phone.

    • Hell yeah, I have it on iOS and I unlocked all the characters : )
      I just randomly searched the App Store and came upon it, it was a pleasant surprise
      I tried to send in a review of it too but I think they need more for it to appear

          • Nice. Anyways in the app’s description, it is said that there are “4 extra characters, and that guy too.” I’m sure it said something like that. I know that the 4 girls are chayu, tanaka, zukki, and yaashi. But what bugs me is who could be the other one be?

            Could it be henkka-san? (Lol)

            • Lmao
              But the iOS App Store description says “4 other people・・・・that person and that person” so I think just those 4 are extra. Mistranslation I suppose

  8. We can assume these are the only 3 with the entire H!P discography stored on their phone.

  9. Team Android here, glad to see Chel escaping the clutches of the devil corporation that is Apple… Why pay more for backwards technology and inability to repair or upgrade devices.. They even had the nerve to take out the headphone jack trying to force people to use all their overpriced wireless gear

    • >Headphone jack
      That’s not only an apple thing. All highend android phones are copying bad apple ideas like removing that jack and making the body completely out of glass or ceramic.

  10. Maimi uses an old skool flip phone. pretty sure everyone still wants to be her frendo.
    Linlinman for a time kept shilling for china phones with the biggest cameras. Linlinman is pretty well connected businesswoman.

  11. iPhone users are easy to pic with the constant postings of mirrored images. And emoji are pretty universal these days. (Yes, I know I’m commenting on a 2018 post, but I’m just saying is all).

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