24 comments on “Nonaka Miki: “So I visited the Louvre art exhibition the other day…” Wada Ayaka: “I KNOW!!!”

    • When they turn senpai, they just can’t contain anymore their insanely weirdo side. All of them, no exception (and that’s why I love them).

  1. Ah, finally another one of these threads. I must say, I was half expecting one after watching this episode.

    So there’s the culprit!

    …Ayacho didn’t pull any strings to get that Hello!Station combination put together after reading that, right? Nah, couldn’t be.

    Haha, how terrifying.

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  3. So it’s weird to be passionate about art now???

    I think it’s refreshing and charming that she is so enthusiastic about such a worthwhile subject.

    I will be your friend, Ayacho!!!!

    Also..I always miss when the girls get their nicknames somehow…”Chel”????

    I don’t even know how “Maro” became Maro…

    • Chel is from her favorite type of chocolate (or is it candy..?), Chelsea.

      Maro…there’s several threads here about Fukuda Maro that explain it better than I ever could.

    • iirc, “maro” got that nickname when she started using that word in her blog, instead of the standard “watashi.”

      As for “chel,” it’s because she likes “chelsea” candy.

      • You just want to reenact the paint me like one your french girl in Titanic with Ayacho.

        Lol but seriously.. I think Ayacho might fall for that trick..

        • Well, time for painting classes! I’d say something about her always looking worried, (even when posing http://imgur.com/lF9REMo), but she clearly has to prepare for the plank on the water scene…No, I’m not just saying that for the wet t-shirt contest.

  4. Poor Miki couldn’t break it to her senpai that she’s not really THAT into art, she just went cos her mom brought her or something.

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