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  1. Let’s see, Ayacho’s taken care of here…

    Kanyon: self-image complex? wota (Kumai-chan) complex? lol, I read in one of Kumai-chan’s recent blog posts actually that there was a rush on ice cream after a Hello concert, and Kanyon grabbed the maccha one to give to Kumai-chan. XD

    Kana: This one’s easy. Gorilla complex.

    Take-chan/Rinapuu: These I’m not so sure of. XD Though Rinapuu does seem a bit… odd. Solemn. lol

    Mei: Genius complex? XD

      • This. That complex of hers has led to Take-chan becoming my favorite member of the group. Despite her boyish demeanor, her well-documented baseball fandom and all that, according to fans and members her body is nevertheless getting more womanly lately. Whether that’s true or not isn’t important — what’s great is all the teasing it leads to. The members intentionally calling her “otome“, whistling at her and calling her sexy if she happens to be wearing a skirt and asking her to show it off to the fans… and the embarrassment mixed with murderous intent you can see in Take-chan’s eyes.

        It’s priceless.

      • That’s true. Good point. :) I guess there’s enough of that in H!P I almost tend to think of it as “normal” at this point, lol.

    • kanon: thinks she’s as fat as the other kanon? lulz
      kana: agree with you.
      take: imagines herself liking baseball?
      rina: i have no idea either.
      mei: she’s a vampire?

  2. 53: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/08/06 15:44:49
    Japan’s number one idols with the shortest skirts

    Japan’s number one idols with the worst mental illnesses

    Still can’t stop laughing at this. XD

  3. Rinapuu is the most calm and laidback idol i have ever seen.
    She balances the craziness in S/mileage

  4. Haha… that group is completely broken lol… It doesnt help group sanity if the leader who is supposed to keep everthing in order is absolutely the craziest one lmao

    • could have been worse. MM and mini-moni had mari yaguchi the great adulterer as a leader.
      c-ute had erika who pushed the position to airhead maimi, and they’re the 2nd best groupin hello! pro now?

      • You have MM with the lolicon Sayu in charge. Juice=Juice has the super quiet Yuka in charge.

        Really, when looking at it all, none of the groups have had, what most would consider, an actual leader type and it’s been this way for years. The leader/captain though do their best and it all works out.

        • sayubear in charge of a younger MM actually makes perfect sense. aren’t most famous leaders in recent history manipulative and scandalous? yuka just seems to be there ’cause they have no idea what to do with her after that satoyama life contest and subgroup.

        • I always thought that Saki was a good Captain though, she has held that role since day one of H!P kids, while she may not be the front girl or very outspoken, the members still have always acknowledge her leadership and never questioned it

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