11 comments on “The curious relationship of Tsugunaga Momoko & Tokunaga Chinami

  1. I really liked Berryz Kobo. Every one of them was an interesting character. Tsubaki is growing on me of late though.

  2. I’ve always liked this pairing. Chinami along with Michishige were natural kryptonite to Momochi, they werent fazed by that powerful character and often shot it down… But they really do like each other deep down inside… I can’t remember if it was an article I read or a tv program i saw but I do remember in the past Chinami saying something like “Momochi I don’t like but I do like Tsugunaga Momoko”

  3. Thanks for this heartwarming thread.
    Apparently Captain said that Chinami still keeps in touch with Momoko, I’m not even surprised.
    Also I could kill for a subbed version of that DVD mag.

  4. Im so sad I came in on the end part of Berryz and C-ute. I feel a bit cheated and Im scared tsubaki and kobushi wont live up to those amazing groups…

    • Don’t feel sad. It’s never too late. You might not be able to see Berryz and C-ute live anymore, but their history is all there for the taking, my man. Those two groups… that right there is some of the finest Hello! Project music there ever was.

  5. Thank you! It’s always a treat to read about my two favorite Berryz Members. Although I’m actually younger than them, I still cherish that I could watch them grow and I’m so very proud of them for their efforts and success in achieving their dreams.

    I got the impression from Captain that Chinami is the one who talks with Momo the most nowadays. That makes me smile.

    I wish we could see Momoko again…. But I know that she’s out there following a dream she’s truly passionate about. And I think of how she said that she wants her fans to be happy. So, I figure she does not want me to be sad about her vanishing from the public eye.. So I am happy for her instead.

    The Hello!Project Kids really produced a wonderful group of young women. I’m happy that I have had the opportunity to be a fan, even though I’m far away.

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