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  1. Another translation for the platinum era nostalgia. This was the lineup that existed when I joined the Momusu fandom, so of course I’m gonna be a bit biased. The songs during this lineup are so different from the current ones. 10 My Me and Fantasy 11 got me through some stressful times. Thanks for the translation

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  3. I became a fan right before Platinum Era began… It was really something special, and I’m glad I was able to follow them through it all. The concerts back them were awesome! Now I’m waiting for 9th, 10th, 11th and eventually 12th gen to reach the level of the Platinum members.

  4. I like how the Gorokkies are praised here as pillars of performance talent…and personality, of all things, as most of the international fandom seem to see their dearth of personality as the death of the Golden Age.

    I personally dearly love the Gorokkies’ personalities, but that just stood out to me.

    At any rate, I can’t see something like Singles Daizhenshuu ever happening again. It only worked because the group was at an intersection of members who had lived through most of the singles, but were also at a gap from Classic Musume, and therefore were on the cusp of making their own era. The tour kind of made Osaka, Iroppoi, and Egao Yes Nude into Platinum Era songs, but partially because most of the lineup was present for said songs, and thus had had the time to fully grow into them and make them their own.

    In the same way it never quite felt right for the Platinum Era lineup to perform Love Machine, I can’t see 9th+ gen doing full justice to some Platinum classics. (None of the younguns grown into their voices enough to tackle non-Sayu-Gorokkies-at-their-prime vocal power, for starters. Oda’s could in the future, though.)

  5. I became a fan during this era. Koharu was my first oshi (idk why), but I think they group became sharper without her somehow.

    If there was a one-night reunion, I would do whatever I could to see it. Especially if Junjun and Eri were there… The Ai/Reina and Gaki/Kame duo conbi would be a miracle to witness in person. Especialy with how they would have improved over the years.

    I can’t believe that many people like Fantasy 11. I thought it sounded way too rushed for the TriGrad, but I wil say that I thought the live versions have a different air since they seem so fun. Maybe they’re just boring to me because I’ve never been to a concert.
    I was genuinely shocked when I found out that none of those album songs were performed during the grad concert though. I was so looking forward to the original 8’s Itoshiku and Fantasy ga Hajimaru. It was a great concert anyway.

    What I’m glad to see is that others appreciate Aisaresugiru.

  6. While i think that is the most vocally talented line up MM has ever had, I feel a lot of it was wasted on a lot of similar sounding boring singles, while they shined in a great variety of awesome album songs. Its too bad they waited so long to add new members, i always feel that MM is best when it has the cute young 12-14 year olds, the 16-19 year olds who form the back bone of the group, and the vets who are over 20. I dont think its a coincedence that the Platinum Era is the least popular and least sucessful time in MM history.

  7. this was a good read. im missing the platinum era… and eri, oh eri~ T^T
    im curious by some songs though.. ultrasmart’s itokuru..?

    • Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni. It wasn’t performed on the day the Ultra Smart DVD/Blu-Ray was filmed.

  8. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I wasn’t in Paris back in 2010 to see this totally awesome and talented lineup when I had the chance. It’s great to see other people loved this era too, because sometimes I feel very alone hyping over it.
    As said, Fantasy 11 is truly a masterpiece. Also, Aisaresugiru has been also one of my favourite songs since I heard it. I wouldn’t mind a reunion. These girls are amazing and they can still do so much more. Especially sad I’m about Tsunku waisting Aika’s and Linlin’s talent. Hopefully these girls have a bright future upon them, and I will look forward to seeing Linlin live until the very end.

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  10. This was such a nice read. It made me all nostalgic, and now I miss it even more. Especially Eririn… </3

  11. Platinum was the best lineup ever assembled in a Idol group… They had vocal goddesses, comedy geniuses and every single member was absolutely gorgeous.. The prettiest lineup ever… Just a shame that their generation was also the least popular in terms of single sales cause they deserved so much better for a lineup so talented

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