19 comments on “Michishige Sayumi: “Of all members past or present, the person I’d most want to date is Kamei Eri.”

  1. Sayu will be my waifu and Eri will be our mistress. Maybe Riho, Maria and Risa plus others can join our cute harem.

  2. 11. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2018年03月04日 14:56 id:TxWeMPmm0
    Aren’t Sayu and Kame-chan already dating since long ago?

    This! I’m honestly surprised. lmao

  3. Sayumi is always speaking of Eri like this, they’re ridiculously close, and if my mind aren’t playing tricks on me, Sayumi said once that she didn’t care about the sex of her future partner… And Sayumi and Eri once exchanged gifts that were necklaces with their names. Maybe I’m being malicious, but nothing in this world can convince me that they’re not dating since Platinum Era.

  4. What about Sayu’s on-stage confession of amorous love for Takahashi Ai? She claimed to have carried a torch for Ai since she was 12, and that was her motivation to try out for MM in the first place.

  5. they still keep going out on dates to this day when they are both graduated from MM… it’s like a long term relationship at this point.

  6. i love sayueri threads. they’ve been together since they were 13 or something and now they’re close to 30… it really is true love.

  7. They have such a beautiful relationship. It’d be awesome if they were a couple, but even if they’re not… that’s a very beautiful and meaningful friendship. They’re so lucky.

  8. That eternal love between my 2 absolute favorite Idols of all time

    Shige is soooo one of us, she see’s all the stuff that we see in Kamei the great… She also knows that wota love any type of mention of Kamei so she does this stuff on purpose like haha i get to see this goddess on a regular basis and you guys cant lol… Just give us one new picture of Kamei, stop playing with our emotions, words arent enough to satisfy this sense of emptiness

  9. If Kamei ever married(to a man), I can already picture Sayumi standing in the rain outside Kamei’s house looking at the window to catch a glimpse of Kamei only to see two silhouette making love.

    In tomorrow news, husband of a former idol was found dead in his house. Primary suspect is the wife who was missing from the scene.

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