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  1. If I’m out with friends at a bar my go to is Cider. Taste sweet, hits slow, and somehow still a beer

    • You know who likes Cider and just turned 20? Sayashi and she’s coming back. Hope to see her get drunk with Fukuchan.

      • Here’s to hoping that her fandom of non-alcoholic cider translated also to the alcoholic kind after she became of drinking age!

  2. Well I drink white wine the most and always miss umeshu when not in Japan, so basically this is the strongest I’ve ever identified with Fuku-chan and it’s a nice feeling

    • Sharing your drink of choice with an idol you like is definitely a nice feeling for us drinking age fans!

  3. 56: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/05/21(月) 21:17:03.37
    I wonder when it became acceptable for idols to talk publicly about their drinking?
    This would’ve been unimaginable in my youth.

    Granted Yuuko was already older by then, but boy did they make a big deal about her love of beer. In a joking rendition of Love Machine (or was it RR21?) Kaorin and Kei also sang that Kaorin couldn’t hold her liquor.

    Nice to see some people getting called out like that. Honestly, there’s nothing you can do when they’re legally allowed to drink. If it was written in their contracts that they weren’t allowed they wouldn’t talk about it.

    That being said, my go-to is dark beer or white wine to accompany food, dark beer, mead or cider when it’s about having a nice drink with friends or some good whiskey if I want to feel fancy.

    • I used to like Nakazawa a lot from the get-go, but when I learned that she loves to drink a lot, it made me like her even more.

    • We have examples from about 20 years ago that drinking was already acceptable idol talk. Hell, Moritaka Chisato did a song used in a beer commercial almost 25 years ago.

      That idols+drinking was unimaginable in that guy’s youth says less about idol culture than it does about how old he is.

      • The Moritaka song you mentioned is so catchy and fun, too. I sang it at this karaoke bar place the other night and everyone in there, all these people I didn’t know, started doing the stupid hand movement during the chorus when I sang it. It was beautiful. Probably the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like a cute teen idol.

  4. I don’t like the taste of beer. My go to are hard liquors. Vodka or whisky. Mixed for vodka and straight for whisky, if it’s a high quality whisky. Something like Jack, that gross whisky needs to be mixed with something else.

    • You sound exactly like me. I don’t like the taste of beer either, never did. Vodka and whisky is where it’s at. Vodka mixed, (good) whisky straight.

      • Didn’t like beer for a long time – almost got kicked out of an Irish pub because of that. Then I discovered Belgian beer, and it turned my world upside down. Now I can drink more of less anything, beer included.

  5. Experienced drunkard. Last years Absolut, Pepsi after.

    Last year had a magic block for about 6 months.

    This year another magician set block on May, 22th.

    When block is set, have no interest to alcohol at all.

  6. I thought Karin turns 20 this year?? Google keeps telling me she was born on 1998.

    To answer the question though, I usually drink vodka ice.

    • Indeed! Sorry, the mistranslation in one of the posts was due to me, for some reason, mistakenly remembering that she had already turned 20 this past December. My bad.

      To make up for it, here’s a song you can listen to whenever you’re enjoying your ice vodka.

  7. Beer and sometimes Ricard.

    About the thread I agree with 6, they shouldn’t talk about it, it’s gross, I don’t want them to look like me.
    Also I don’t remember Momoko talking about drinking, it’s safe to add her on the very short list of non drinking H!Ps.

    • “I don’t want them to look like me.”

      Huh. Weird. I definitely drink a lot, but I still don’t see any resemblance between me or any of the drinking members (or ex-members) of H!P. I think you’ve convinced me to making the switch to beer and Ricard! ;)

  8. I like to sip quality Irish whiskey occasionally. I enjoy dry hard ciders. Favorite purchased wine is Red Zinfandel.

    I have made several wines over the years. My specialty is BLACK CHERRY WINE. I like to make it with just the slightest bit of sweetness and a kick ass 15% alcohol content. I used to bottle and give away 5 gallons every Christmas. It was great fun!

    Best part of the interview was learning Iikubo-san frequents a Jazz bar. Damn! She was already one of my favs. Now she is at the top of the list!!

    • I’ve been looking to try an Irish whiskey. Do you think Green Spot or Redbreast 12 might do the job? Or would you recommend something else as someone’s first Irish whiskey? I’ve never tried anything Irish whatsoever so I’m a complete newbie here.

      • Tullamore Dew 12 year old Special Reserve is my favorite. Seriously any Tullamore Dew whiskey is really good! Jameson is also very good. After that just sip and explore for what you like.

        Now if you are going to sip Irish, you may as well learn a few toasts to go with it:

        “Here’s to me and here’s to you, and may we never disagree…But in case we do..
        Here’s to me and to Hell with you!”

        “To wives and sweethearts……. and may they never meet!”

    • Right on. What ought to be my next one after coming to love Ardbeg 10 and Laphroaig 10?

        • I’d been looking at both Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig QC next, so I guess I’m on the right track. Cheers!

          • Lagavulin 16 is one of the absolute best, and still relatively reasonable. Laphroaig 25 will cost you more, but OH MY GOD!!!

            Note: Lagavulin 16 is better than Lagavulin 21, and Laphroaig 25 better than Laphroaig 30. Age isn’t everything.

  9. Don’t drink and never plan to. I’m not fond of the smell either lol

    BTW this user (2) saved my sanity;
    “So damn gross reading posts from these old virgin losers in the thread pushing their beliefs on adult women.”

    I was getting annoyed reading the sexist commentary towards adult women not lying they don’t drink.
    Same to the one (s) claiming they should be banned from drinking if they gain weight at all – guess what, dickwads? That happens to all young adults regardless of their workout routines and diet, the body shifts its weight around and doesn’t care if you drank ever. Plus H!P has always had chubby members. Not in the Zukki sense, but they definitely don’t t have the girls starving themselves just to avoid healthy rolls for their age. So that kinda fat shaming makes no sense for a fan to say

    • Oh, you’re not a drinker? I remember you from my Patreon “drinks-in-your-name” thing — I hope you didn’t take too much offense in me getting drunk in your stead. ;)

      • Nah, that kinda thing never offends me, so don’t worry lol,, the sentiment was nice ~

  10. I prefer a nice dry red wine or gin most of the time myself.

    I actually like hearing about the girls preferences in drinks. Makes them seem like they actually have time to relax for a second lol.

  11. Highballs, jazz-bar, go to drink alone… i was never a big fan but from now on, Honey enter in a new dimension for me.

    And yep, i’m a big drinker too, mainly vodka and gin!!

  12. Beer. I prefer dark beers, and contrary to the trend I’m not really big on IPAs.
    I had a year when I pledged to drink only wine, and I didn’t really learn to love it. I’m guessing it has to do with all those years in bands where I was broke and the house beer was either free or really cheap.

  13. I would love to see Fukuchan and Harunan, or any H!P girl over 20 tbh, do commercials ads for alcohol to piss off those old loser virgins

  14. If I’m paying for it, pretty much just whiskey, but I’ll drink free beer any time. Hell, I picked up the whiskey habit in Japan by frequenting jazz bars, so I totally have Haruna’s back.

    • Japan is definitely a good place for one to get into whiskey. The prices are surprisingly reasonable for most scotch and bourbon. If anything, it’s the aged Japanese whiskies that tend to be hard to obtain without having to pay out the ass.

  15. “So damn gross reading posts from these old virgin losers in the thread pushing their beliefs on adult women.” I second that.

    About drinking: I make a kickass Margarita! I always keep a bottle of tequila in my fridge, just in case a friend wants to get drunk with me. :)

  16. I think it’s cool to see this side of idols! If they’re legal, then I’m sure the girls still drink more Starbucks than they do alchohol, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal lol. The concern for their voices is kind of an interesting point though.

    I cannot drink something that doesn’t taste good. I don’t even drink beer or wine, but my go-to is Sommersby Ciders. Or the cheap vodka fruity drinks.

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Japan or not, but I’m sure you’d love the chu-hi here — they’re basically just mixed vodka drinks. There’s so much variety. Lemon, grape, mango, orange, ginger, grapefruit, apple, peach, pineapple… The selection is constantly changing. They’re all so god damn good, and they’re available from 3% to 9% ABV.

  17. Honey’s love of highballs means I need to try a highball tbh.

    To answer your question though!

    When I go out, I usually either drink Amaretto sours, whiskey sours, or just tequila.

    When I’m at home my favorite thing mixing strawberry lemonade svedka, mango pineapple svedka, mango v8, orange soda, and Sprite.

    Or just rumchata.

  18. I don’t drink. The closest I get to drinking is sparkling cider (which is delicious). I’ve tried a few times over the years, always different things, and I’ve hated all of it. I don’t recall ever having felt good after drinking. I generally don’t get the point; I don’t need help having fun or relaxing, and as far as I’m concerned alcohol has ruined some otherwise lovely drinks.

    • Sometimes it’s just the taste. But it’s like with everything edible, some people like it and others don’t.

    • For the longest time after I’d started drinking, I disliked the taste of most alcohol. So don’t worry about it if you don’t “get” the taste. You don’t have to like it — it’s okay to drink just to get drunk. ;)

  19. I finally turned 21 last month but I still haven’t tried alcohol yet, cuz I can’t decide where, when, and what to drink…maybe I should start with a fruity thing with low alcohol content like Fukuchan did…?

    • Congrats! A sweet cocktail might be a good place to start (unless you dislike sweet stuff). Maybe go to a nice bar and ask the bartender for a recommendation as your first drink. I’m thinking something in a tall glass (so the alcohol doesn’t punch you in the face). Or if you just want to keep it simple, you might buy a bottle of vodka and try mixing it with soda or juice.

      Happy drinking!

  20. “Iikubo: I don’t. But sometimes I’ll go to a jazz bar by myself and drink there”
    She’s a smart one, sometimes going to the bar by yourself, getting a drink and talking to other bar patrons is the best option… Its one of the best ways to meet new people and get a drink at the same time…

    Take-chan: “I can drink different kinds of alcohol in one sitting and be completely fine.”
    Take-chan sounds like she would be the most fun for somebody like me to drink with.. I’m the type who can spend hours in a bar drinking all types of stuff without really getting drunk.. I’m curious to see how much she could really drink

  21. As a person in my 30’s I’ve been drinking for over a decade already.. I think your taste in alcohol changes as you get older… Back in my late teens and early 20’s college era it was all about getting wasted as fast as possible so it was nothing but cheap yet strong vodka and tequila with Bacardi 151 and 99 apples being my go to hard liquors..

    Now in my 30’s i drink to be social and cause just like the taste of good craft beer which is all i drink now… My college years have ruined hard alcohol for me as i cant stand it anymore and only drink it on special occasions like birthdays and other celebrations… On days i’m gonna drink now i chill with friends or alone at a bar and just drink IPA’s, Sours, or Lagers over the course of a few hours.. My tolerance is still pretty high so I can knock back about 8-10 beers before im truly drunk but I usually just drink 3 or 4 on average

  22. I would love to see any H!P idols drunk. I think Henkka posted videos of Abe Natsumi and Ishikawa Rika getting drunk somewhere on this site. Awesome stuff!

    As for what I like to drink, I don’t like beer or wine. I don’t always drink, but when I do, I really like all of those really embarrassing drinks that come with umbrellas and crap in them. Maybe I should start asking the bartender to serve those in a beer stein or something so I can maintain some slight semblance of masculinity. Maybe it would also help if I stopped signing my name with a ♀ at the end.

    • The show Ishikawa Rika appeared on (Hebereke) has since become one of my favorite Japanese TV shows, but it only airs once every three months or so. I’ve watched every god damn episode so far. Yasuda and Yaguchi have also appeared on the show.

  23. Alcohol is actually mold poop: alcohol is made by yeasts being added to sugared water. The yeasts eat the sugars and the waste products they produce is the alcohol.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

  24. Personal faves are Amarone and good Lambrusco, but I’ve gotten really into peat whiskey
    That taste of burnt wood is to die for.

  25. Depends on the mood. I love me some Sake but i usually only drink tue bice stuff that is hard to find around here.
    I also love Gin but i never find anyone else who does.
    As for drinking with dinner or while chilling in front of a movie. . mead or blue moon pale ale. If im in germany ill drink anykind of beer that i can find thow

  26. Haha they should have made H!P 20th Anniversary drinking celebration party. I really want to see OG and current generation to play drinking games together.

    I’m living in a country with majority Muslim population so alcohol is taxed heavily and drinking is generally avoided. So I drink only once in a blue moon and most of the time alone in my house. As for the drink, I prefer that cheap Jack Daniel, cheap sweet wine, and Balihai beer (local product). I wonder how it feels to drink with friends in a bar :D

    • It feels real good Champuru! I hope someday soon you can experience the comradery of friends sharing drinks together. Cheers mate!

  27. I drink hard cider, hard soda, and flavored vodka. I still have the tastes of a kid… ?

  28. Man, seeing Okai-chan in this thread I’ve just gotta say that as a newer H!P fan it’s completely surreal for me to think of an Okai-chan who DOESN’T drink. Like being a drunkard is just part of my image of her.
    I don’t drink much but I usually drink hard cider and when in Japan I drank canned Chu-hai. I miss that stuff.

  29. I do craft beer almost exclusively since the local beer scene is absolutely awesome. There’s tons of variety of styles and there’s almost always something new to try and discover.

    And yes, seeing fukupon and Honey drunk would be ultimate.

  30. I remember that once, Harunan said that something that didn’t changed about her since she was little is her “brazen loneliness”. Reading that she likes to go all alone to a jazz-bar to drink whisky makes me imagine her in a scene from a 60s movie – just don’t ask me why.

    About this “idols talking about drinking”… What’s the problem? They’re at least 20, and it’s not like all of them get drunk every day. And this thing with the voice, if you don’t drink every single day, it’s not like you’re going to ruin your voice.

    I drink less than I want to, and I only drink beer, sometimes cider. I hated beer when I first tasted it, but I don’t know if it was because the brand I tried at the time was awful. Now I love it, and cider too, but I really can’t with the taste of grape wine. I tried sake and tequila once, it tasted nice, I want to try it again to have a better opinion about it. I always thought that when I would turn 18, I wasn’t going to drink at all, but now I find myself wanting to try different types of alcoholic beverage LMAO.

  31. I’ve been blessed – and cursed – to have befriended some hardcore wine aficionados. They regularly offer me some great wines to taste, I mean really great ones. You don’t get drunk with those, but they get you to heaven anyway.

    The downside is, after that, it is impossible to go back to the usual stuff. After a Dom Perignon 1969, any ordinary Champagne tastes like cat piss with bubbles.

  32. I like sour drinks but my go-to is midori sours followed by amaretto sours. I’m tiny so drinks hit me like a truck lol so I can only really have a max of two cocktails before I start losing it.

  33. I like cheap, trashy whiskey, straight, chilled that burns as it goes down. I avoid chasers. I don’t like my alcohol “smooth”- for some reason smooth alcohol without much “acid” flavor does not register in my brain as “alcohol” and instead my brain assigns another label to the beverage (“lemonade”, “juice”, etc.) and the disconnect weirds me out. Chaser just gets spilled all over the place as I drunkenly fumble for it after sucking on the whiskey for 5 seconds straight, and it also dulls the “burn” of the whiskey by being too flat or sweet. The only exception to this is a cheap, battery acid-quality cola, which seems to magnify that burn at the sweet spot that’s located a little further than the center of the tongue. I’d probably enjoy a “rubbing alcohol” quality vodka, though I have yet to try one.

  34. I’ve always had a difficult time getting things like alcohol and medications to have an affect to me(and I don’t weigh a whole lot so it’s not for that reason). Getting drunk just isn’t worth all the effort it takes for me and in my 30 years I’ve only really gotten drunk one time shortly after I turned 21.
    On the rare occasions that I do drink, I like some yummy and cheap Arbor Mist wine(which is only like 6% ABV). And I enjoy sake sometimes as well.
    After reading about umeshu from the link here, I really want to try that sometime in the future because it sounds really good!

  35. big fan of anything with Bacardi in it.
    also, reading these loser wota get mad at girls drinking when they probably drink as well is the most pitiful read I’ve ever sat through. Get over it. I’m ready to hear what kind of drunk Murotan is!!!

  36. I’ve probably mentioned here before my wife is from Korea. She makes this Korean drink which is sort of like this umeshu. She’ll take a whole punch of grapes, place them in large glass containers, pour rum over the grapes and let the whole concoction sit before serving.

    Her friends love the stuff but to me it tastes like grape flavored shit. To each his own I guess…

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