24 comments on “Things likely to happen if H!P members were salesgirls giving out free samples at a supermarket

  1. -Ikuta would be trying to sell the customers gaki-san´s photobook

    -the best food samples would be pushed to the center, while zukki is sent to the backroom

      • That´s not a comment against zukki (I like zukki), just making fun of all the complaints about zukki being pushed into the background while others are given the center in all the current songs and MVs.

  2. -Maa-chan makes fun of the customers
    -Lots of female customers end up buying Ikuta’s products
    -If Ikuta was selling protein shakes, they would sell out fast

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  4. I had fun reading all of them (in my opinion it is one of the funniest threads!)
    And I laughed loud at #12, #28 and #161 :-D

  5. I would buy everything if Sakura suddenly belts out an awesome momusu song infront of me lol..

  6. One of the girls politely offers food to a male customer, wota blow up and call for her to get kicked out.

  7. I think the best would be nakazawa-san
    please buy one~~
    (customer takes free sample and walks away)

  8. Yossie gets fired for running over a customer in the parking lot. She gets a gig at the yoga place down the street. But even years later the customers ask if she’ll ever come back.

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