13 comments on “Morning Musume TV appearance gets surprisingly positive reactions from ordinary people on Twitter

  1. Woo! Positivity!
    The girls really need to get on TV more now that they’ve captured the people’s attention, so that there will be less people recognising Sayumi alone. Keep at it UFA!

  2. so, on the whole, the buzz seems to be very positive for this performance? If true, then Tsunku made the right choice to go with Brainstorming rather than spring a suprise and debut the new single here, since the girls probably have Brainstorming down pat for the most part (except for dividing Reina’s lines ofc) while a new single performed live for the first time could have been more hit-or-miss.

  3. also, just noticed something about this pic…. love Sayu standing right next to Tsunku with their arms crossed like proud parents, both seem to be saying ‘so proud of my girls!’ ;)

  4. I expected them to perform their next single here for some reason, but seeing this strong, Reina-less performance was also a treat. Momusu saikou!!

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