29 comments on “Yanagawa Nanami looks completely different in each picture of hers

  1. My current H!P favorite ❤
    I can’t believe I was lucky enough to see her in person in the handshake in Mexico.
    All Juice=Juice are so cute in person. Danbara is the most different in person compared to photos and videos.

    • I agree. I saw them too in the World Tour and i was surprised by Danbara´s look. She seemed more pretty and her skin seemed really soft…it may be because of the make up. but she looked differente from the usual photos.

    • Tbh they looked all pretty much the same to be. Just the camera doesn’t do Sayuki much justice, her body type is a bit different from the other girls. She’s more top heavy.

      • Up until the roasties got woman’s suffrage pushed through older men nearly always married 12-14 year old girls. This is a fact. Look at some of your favorite historical figures and see what age their wives were when they married. If you were 20 and not married you were a freak. Crusty old ladies pushed through AOC laws so they wouldn’t have to compete. Women’s eggs are nearly all dried up and worthless by 25 leading to the severe autism epidemic you are seeing today.

        • Yes because back then they all never reached a high age, idiot and women were married to way older men just to live off of them and live for their family. Autism has nothing to do with dried eggs, don’t know were you heard that shit from. It’s supposed to have something to do with vaccinations. Everybody’s body is slowing down beginning at 25, has nothing to do with ass old women.

            • Japan is an anti-vaxxer country and they’re still very healthy and among the healthiest. I wouldn’t laugh about that even tho I am for vaccinations. Anon is right the possibility of vaccinations leading to autism is still in the room of several researches. Not because of mercurial silver that’s fantasy of homeopathy but there are connections between these 2.

          • “never reached a high age” False, retard. The reason why life expectancy seemed so low in the past (according to the numbers) is purely because of babies and young children dying so often, skewing the numbers. Most people lived to be pretty old like +50-60.

        • Roasties being incel vocab, I guess I see the kind of people using Henkka’s site. I always thought it wasn’t a bad crowd gathering around here but the comments are really changing.

          Also that comment is false. The 12-14 year old bit and the women creating the age of consent, which you creepily have an abbreviation for.

  2. Looking at pics 1, 11, and 14, I’m amazed that a real human could actually completely invert the curve of their eyebrows. I thought that was something that could only be done in anime.

  3. The queen of the next gens along with Chii-sama… Yanamin is frickin hilarious, shes built for variety which is a dying art among H!P idols… The best thing they could’ve done was adding her to Juice-Juice, it unlocked the gates of adulthood and now she can freely float between adorable child to rebel beauty at will

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