12 comments on “Uemura Akari picks a fight with Kanazawa Tomoko over Danbara Ruru

  1. B-but I ship Ruru with Yukanyan…
    Didn’t y’all see how flustered she got when she had to hold her senpai’s leg for that one performance of Fiesta?
    Well, this isn’t too bad either I guess. Interesting how kntm has equal love for both according to the chart haha

  2. And now we have yet even more proof that Aari is one of us rabid fanboys/fangirls…
    …packaged in a gorgeous/pretty airheaded idol form.

  3. Everyone surprised too, how welcome they were to new members. I always thought, the strong chara like Kntm, Uemu will reject the ideas of welcoming new members. But again i was wrong.

    That’s why starting this year, JJ will rose up again. And the world tour is a beginning. Even myself can feel the freshness of new JJ on-stage.

    • Seems like it. At my handshake event with them I was super socially awkward, even more so than Ruru, which resultet in a weird situation with Ruru, 2 girls who don’t know how to talk to people with a language barrier, oh I’ll never forget this, I want to apologize to Runrun next time xD. But Uemuu was trying her hardest to comfort me and get my attention, that’s why I remembered her the best, but it didn’t work that well, it was super weird.

      Ruru was like … *coming closer with her head* *listening* – I didn’t say anything other than “arigato” and girl seemed to be upset and weirded out, then I was weirded out by Ruru’s reaction too and like… “uhm yeah that’s what I wanted to say” xD.

      Everybody else tried to be friendly, but I noticed that my quiet self was a bit… out of the norm and awkwardly stiff :P.

      Then Uemuu came and grabbed my hands and padded them and I was just confused like dafuuuq xD … and she was all like “naah, arigatooo” XDD I burned this so deep in my memory that I almost forgot Karin, Yuka and my Oshi Sayuki’s reaction, Kntm and Yanamin aren’t that much better, but Uemu and Ruru… I won’t forget them xD.

      • *petted ofc in sense of “stroked” … it made me feel secure and unsure in the same weird way xD.

      • Ruru still gets really nervous with these kinds of things. She’s a bomb-ass performer…. But she gets crazy nervous before concerts and is a bit awkward and shy while talking. Her brain probably just freaked out!!

        Before her first KSS happyoukai performance she even got a nosebleed she was so nervous. Crying, bleeding…. poor girl lolol

        I have so much I want to tell her…. But I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to meet her so I can see her reaction when I tell her I’ve been a big fan of her for about 4 years now!

      • Uemuu is just a really nice person, when the new members were announced she was the happiest one and she straight up walked to Ruru and hugged her. She also looks after the (mostly her own) fans a lot from my impressions, They know I’m an Akari fan so she always makes eye contact for several seconds when she spots me in the audience as a form of saying “Heya!”. I think Juice in particular has a common understanding between each other to really try to remember individuals and be nice to them on a personal level. They specifically say things to show everyone they’re watching them like “Thank you for waving pink!” and “You were really close to the stage, huh?”.

      • Aarii is so kind and sweet, just wanted to confirm that. She’s my oshimen, btw. I was quite nervous during the handshakes and I’m generally slow in reactions, quite shy too, but she made me feel at ease really! When I came to her, she let out the biggest “AHH!!” while jumping up and down, probably cause she saw me wearing her towel and shirt. As a reflex I started jumping too lol. I was able to tell her what I wanted to say and she thanked me with the biggest smile ever. She’s so amazingly sweet to her fans…

    • Usually”best-friends” are the opposite ones. One calm, the other one talkative. One hot blooded, the other one cold blooded. Something like that

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