11 comments on “The bullying within Juice=Juice keeps getting worse and worse…

  1. Sayubee!!!!! Love Her

    But its good that they mess around with each other… All the best groups are the ones where all the members are close enough and comfortable enough with each other to play pranks and tease… Can you imagine an idol world without the likes of Kemeko, Ogawa, Momo, ect getting teased and bullied lol… i cant

  2. and in her next blog entry, Karin said that actually she was happy being “bullied” by Tomo because she felt like her distance with Tomo become shorter

    yep, Tomo is S and Karin is M

    • When they announce the H!P Finnish Bearded Alcoholics Audition 2014, I think I might have a real shot at making it through.

  3. I always thought Nakky looked a bit like the bully type. If °C-ute was Josie and the Pussycats she’d be Alexandra.
    Poor Chisa, so utterly without any way to defend herself or her beloved Mai-mai. But the staff does a great job of hiding the black eyes.

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