14 comments on “Kanazawa Tomoko is STILL bullying Miyamoto Karin!

  1. Fiuhh, really glad that the bullying didn’t go too sexual. It would be bad for J=J image. Like, for example imagine if instead water, Kanatomo uses warm Cinnabon cream and shoot it all over Karin’s face and some went into her mouth and hair. That would be NG!

      • I’m not even kidding: I showed this video to my wife and her immediate response was: “too bad she wasn’t wearing a white shirt.”

        I think I’m married to a perverted middle-aged man.

      • Nah, I’ve seen half naked Karin more than enough. Still curious about homely girl Kanatomo’s body, though. Why she hasn’t release any PB yet, I wonder.

        • She has released two so far: Kanazawa Tomoko Mini Photobook “Greeting -Photobook-” (2016) and Tomorrow (2018). As for the relative lack of bikini pics, Kanatomo is self conscious about her belly button.

          • Wasn’t it that “visual” photobook one? Yeah, not my cup of tea, man. I don’t count it as a legit photobook, lol. Not even a single bikini shot in that book. The sleepwear shots kinda sexy, though.

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