9 comments on “Sayashi’s plant “Basil-kun” is stolen!

  1. Basil-kun is living with me right now and he’s telling me how mistreated he is there but he still loves riho even if it kills him.

  2. Aw Riho, I know the feeling when every plant under one’s care dies sooner or later… I grow basil too and it ain’t feeling so good :P And my cactuses are smaller than they should be…

  3. Oh my god, Riho… When I read the title I thought “oh wow, one of the members really stole him?!”

    Maybe she should just get a chia pet??

  4. The stupid thief wasted a golden opportunity. Should have stolen some intimate “articles of clothing” instead of a plant.

  5. “RihoRiho is a monster” lol Henkka

    Rip to Basil kun… You have gone to better place where you older brothers Mint kun and Radish kun have gone, to that big green field in the sky lol… Fear not cause you wont be alone as many more of your succesors will join you in time like Lavender chan, Cactus kun and so many more future prospects… It wasnt your fault, know that your mother(Rihoriho) is the god of death so it was unavoidable

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