18 comments on “SATOYAMA Life ending in December

  1. On a scale of 1 to gouging out your eyeballs, Moutube’s barely a 7. Satoyama on the other hand, makes gouging out your eyeballs not only seem like a sane choice, but simply not enough. Would need to add trepanning as well.

    • Wait, I’m confused. Are you people living in the same universe as me? Isn’t MouTube the show that gave us Sayu’s Stare of Death, her immitating Linlin AND, AND, AND a penguin? Not to mention the “miracle throws?” Didn’t they look exquisite in the kimonos and ears? And if it was also the show with Eri and Mikitty in Lolita fashion (funny as hell) well then I really think you guys have lost it. What about that time when we all gleefully imagined Koha’s blood gushing all over the place at “magic restaurant?” I know that little bastard in the stroller was lame but other than that…

  2. I wonder what Mitsui is going to do now? Poor Mitsui no work, no friends, no Satoyama/Satoumi…. poor poor girl. Don’t give up Mitsue; gambaree!!

  3. Aww too bad.. I actually like SATOYAMA.. people might hate it just because it’s not something like haromoni etc and not even try to watch it..

  4. Well Satoyama was atleast watchable after they ditch that annoying lady voice over.
    Bring back Yorosen.

  5. ” The start of SATOYAMA@”. and “Ayacho setting fire to the fields” are the 2 funniest comments

    But Satoyama ending is definitely a good thing cause something new has to replace… Maybe we’ll finally get a true variety show like the wishful return of Hello Morning… There are a lot of new young members who have incredible potential to be funny and entertaining and they really havent had a chance to showcase it… Giving them a variety show now would definitely boost H!Ps appeal to a larger general public… Can only imagine the madness of a Maa-chan, Ikuta, Riho, Oda fueled variety show plus the madness of the Smilies (S/mileage) with Shige sama and Momo as hosts… Minds would be blown

    Ahh noticed i got a little to excited and rambled on, sorry lol

  6. I liked Satoyama. Could be cause I like learning a bit of culture and I grew up in the country. I did get annoyed when the whole episode ended up being something completely Satoyama unrelated.

    Course all their shows end up changing anyways. Haromoni turned into Haromoni@, which was way different. Then by the end of Haromoni@, it wasn’t anything like how it began.

    If they do start another show, which I’m sure they will. I hope it’s like HelloPro! TIME.

    • Hell yeah… I loved Haromoni@ especially after it started the Moutube segments… That format was hilarious to me and i still go back to watch it every now and then… How could people not like Moutube, it had GakiKame and Tsubo Tsubo Man

  7. I know lots of people say this, but is it too much to ask for a Hello! Morning-format again? Some DVD magazines are about games and such, but that’s not the same as having a weekly show where different H!P members can play around with each other.

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