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  1. Everytime I read threads of Daaishi, weather it be a thread full of Daaishi jokes or a thread full of her pics like this one, i like her more. I do not know if it is because of her charisma/aura as an idol or is it just her fans ability to post things that endear Daaishi to other people.

    For me, the short explaination the question (what is the “Daaishi feeling”?) is being more and more endeared to her.

    Thanks very much for translating another great Daaishi thread.

  2. Daaishi feeling is the unconscious realizatiion that she’s gonna lose her cuteness quicker than the norm as she ages. To put it in an appropriately poetic way: ephemeral. So we must drink deep of it now while we can. Aaahhhh…that hit’s the spot.

  3. Other than the fact that it ruins a perfect anagram there’s another reason I don’t like there being 2 A’s in Daaishi. If it was only one we could pronounce it Day-shee and pretend it’s the Japanese pronuciation of Daisy. Which, being appropriate in a sublime way, is another aspect of Daaishi feeling.

  4. 45 ” It’s the action of giving out this penniless ambiance.””

    So wrong yet oddly appropriate description lol… Her aura is just something that cant be explained and has to be seen…

    65 But if she was really taking notes on how to eat Katsu Curry then that is truly one of the funniest pics i have ever seen

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