16 comments on “Ishida Ayumi or Takeuchi Akari — if you were to introduce one of them to your parents as your girlfriend, which girl would they like more?

  1. Oh, Hekka. Now you did it. I’m about to nerd out.
    Both have such a good-natured expression. But in my time meeting them, Take-chan endeared me to her forever. She’s my favorite (post-Meimei) ANGERME, and Ayumi is maybe my 5th favorite current momusu member. Though I’ve never met Dasshi in a solo greeting (I had a sign/talk with Akari), so maybe that would change.
    I even met Take-chan privately, after I happened to attend the same showing of Meimei’s play グランギニョル as ANGERME members. There, she was super shy despite me playing it cool, so maybe Ayumi would be better at turning on the charm in a tough situation. However, Take-chan is cuter to me and more my type, so I’d pick her anyway. Forget what my family thinks!

  2. Funny, easygoing, and good around the house and with animals. I’d bet my parents would like Takeuchi.

    • If I was your parent, it wouldn’t matter which girl you brought over, or if you brought one over at all. I’d still be just as horrified over my complete failure in raising anything of value in you thus far in your life.

  3. Adding on, Haruna, Ayacho, and Kishimon would for sure do good with parents I bet. I feel like honest, polite, straight forward girls like that are universally well received. I think Kananan would do surprisingly well too even though she’s kind of out there.

  4. As a fan, I like both of them, but if I was a mom, I think I’d prefer Akari as my daughter in law. She’s shy, cute, funny and just seems to have a pure heart. We’d be good friends, for sure.

  5. Out of the 2, most like Ayumin.. Based off her original character of being poor, she seems like the type to cherish everything no matter how insignificant.. She’ll uphold family values and togetherness and try to bond with everyone even the neighborhood

    If were going all time, then most def Michishige sama… She is a living angel who nobody can get angry with even if she decides to spit some of that poison tongue at you… Shes someone who can be adorable around the family yet sexy when you want to show off how lucky you are to your peers or just the average stranger… She has a sense of awareness to know when someone is in need of some comfort but can play around and tease when that type of mood is needed too.. And if all that isnt enough, there is still the legendary Aneshige who we’ve heard so many awesome stories about, who wouldnt want her as a potential sister in law

  6. “They no longer accept members that aren’t from proper homes.”

    This made me chuckle. Kago ruined it for all the middle-class aspiring idols.

    • I don’t think it’s just about Kago but also about Chisato’s shitty parents. They didn’t want to buy her a recorder when she was younger and needed it for practice because it was “too expensive”. She almost had to leave because of this and maybe that’s also the reason why Asuna left (Egg training fee). Later she told us, that her fucking idiot parents used all of her earned money for years just for themselves when she asked for it a few years ago… just like Kago’s parents they have like a billion children, “no money” (or better: the kiddos money) and generally a kinda weird relationship. Nobody needs a drama like that for a billion times. Maki’s family (and Maki too) weren’t without scandals and shitty fucked up relationships either. That’s just what makes poor and a few middle-class people less qualified. Because it’s more likely that they had a bad background and shitty money-digger problems that they developed themselves.

  7. It’s Ayumi for me! (Who cares what the parents think!)

    She has such an amazing smile, pretty eyes, and bubbly personality.

    Ayumi is the one I focus on during the dance routines. She is an almost flawless dancer who can really sell the dance with her enthusiastic smiles.

    But it would never work between us due to her height. What is she? Something like 4 feet tall?

  8. I think someone that wouldn’t do well with parents and grandparents would be Sayashi. At least mine would be constantly worried about her.

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