15 comments on “Takeuchi Akari wears Peach John underwear!

  1. Wow, Koharu’s blog header photo is awesome, haven’t seen it in a while.
    It turned out to be more about Kudo than Take.

  2. In most circles an old man asking teenage girls what brand of undies they wear would be frowned upon. But in this world it’s all good, as long as said teenage girls don’t hold hands with boys their own age because that would be scandalous.

  3. Wasn’t Sanma the guy who offered Kago Ai a cigarette on his show when she was trying to make a comeback?

  4. I don’t really get the point of translating threads like these… Sanma is disgusting, but we already knew that

    • Idols aren’t for women. No matter how many quotes you can pull out of your ass saying “such and such idol likes to see women at the events”.

        • Everything they do is to appeal to men. Men are the main demographic they market to. The fact that women show up to their events is almost an accident.

          • I just don’t buy the “everything they do is to appeal to men” thing. And by that I don’t mean just the obvious stuff like the fashion/make-up books some members release, or the outfit coordination on The Girls Live, or the hair arrangement corner on H!S, etc. I mean in general. I sort of see what you mean if you were saying this about AKB or some other groups, but H!P to me are just so gender-neutral. They’re like… unisex idols, appeal-wise. I really don’t see it as an accident when girls like H!P.

            H!P is so easy to love, regardless of gender.

  5. The books are for men they just have tutorials as filler. The hair arrangements are close ups of the idols and ASMR. The coordination is just to show cute girls in cute outfits. The fact that women might gets some enjoyment out of it is an accident. This isn’t some girl power shit like Western women think it is.

    • Look, just because you like fapping to the hair arrangement corner doesn’t mean that’s what the office intended it to be used for. And this is coming from a male who’s done the same! I’m just saying: you shouldn’t view everything through your personal experience like that. It’s fine to be a bit of a pervert, but it’s not good to let that alter your whole perspective on reality.

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