13 comments on “Why is Takeuchi Akari so well-loved by women?

  1. the “threat value” from take is small

    she s like the older sister that dresses in old sports clothes, lounges around the livinng room watching tv for hours and hours while munching on chips.
    not too ugly, not a stunner. just right to be able to go out with her (as a girl) and not really worry about her “stealing your thunder”, you can look at her and not constantly antagonize (oh she has better boobs than me, oh she is thinner)

    a rose with no thorns she must seem. or with less thorns.
    i just like frogs though.
    like that konkon(a)

  2. So many “round” comments. I hope she doesn’t follow Jun Jun and Mano’s example and lose her nice curves.

    • they mean her face is round, there are even some that pointed out how she was round yet not fat

  3. Recently, Akari-san has been on “Happy Monday Baseball”.

    One time she had to sit about three feet away from some guy who was barely dressed. She completely ignored this, as if to say: “Yeah, there’s a half naked guy next to me, but we are talking about baseball! There are priorities here!”

    • Oh, Take-chan was my favorite member before I even started this site. Maro was just my favorite seal.

  4. Though Tamura is my favorite ANGERME, Take-chan is a close second. Her smile is just so calming and natural, and I honestly believe she is one of H!P’s best dancers. She has these effortless, cool hip-hop moves that constantly amaze me.
    There’s an ANGERME live here in Osaka tonight. Couldn’t get tickets, but I still hope to go…

  5. The first time I met Take-chan (when she was a submember) she was so surprised I knew her name, it was suuuuuuper adorable

  6. Now i’m interested about take. I have to do my research, she won’t get off my mind til I do lol

  7. Because she can be your little sister and little brother at the same time.. She can be adorable girlish one minute then be diving in the dirt or throwing baseballs another…

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