8 comments on “Wota accuses Okai Chisato of not being a good friend to Yajima Maimi; Okai is not amused

  1. I feel sad for this person who seems to have only ever experienced superficial friendships. :-(

    Okai Chisato-san was not out of place in replying the way she did.

  2. Chisa totally won here. The interviewer tried to box her in with “aren’t you going to show support?” and she basically said my friendship level goes beyond such trifling behavior. Boom.

  3. 5: If she’d went, these same wota would’ve just blamed her for having too much free time on her hands or something.

    This. Trolls gonna troll.

  4. I totally agree with the comments about how she was right/people will complain no matter what. If people really think it’s their business to give advice & try to control, well…….. I’m glad Chisa has the attitude she does.

    In my opinion, relationships (platonic or romantic) can’t be about keeping score or they’ll get damaged to the point of a lot of assessment. It’s not good for anyone involved. But that aside, the decisions will be with the members whether we like it or not.

  5. i’m jealous. people i went through hell with… worse than idoru training… treat me like trash and totally never call me a friend.

  6. This is the odd thinking about idols that I don’t like: believing that they are supposed to be best friends forever and be around your fellow group members all the time or you aren’t good friends… I mean, maybe she had something else to do on the day and couldn’t make it? Or maybe she just didn’t feel like going?

    I mean, siblings don’t necessarily go to every thing their siblings do, but idols are supposed to? 0-0

    • siblings mostly have a love/hate relationship. most siblings i’ve seen and read about end up fighting over inheiritence or plain hate each other over some petty matter.

  7. Where do these people come from? Reminds me of that one guy who started pestering Chinami because she was studying abroad, saying how that was nothing compared to what the members who are in Japan are doing and so on…

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