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  1. Berryz Koubou members are underappreciated by their H!P kouhai, so few list them as who they look up to.

    I still miss them so much.

    • I know Funaki lists Miyabi as her favourite, but that’s about it.

      Momochi and Captain have a lot of admirers too.

  2. >8 Lol Nachuhime, what a classic

    Momo was there when it happened since they were heading back the same way.
    Miya lost her pass case, and they had to ask the station attendant.
    When asked her name, Miya hesitated before stammering out ‘Na, Nachu-hime…’
    What’s more, the station attendant was being a meanie and asked Miya to repeat herself twice before grinning and informing her where her pass was and sarcastically telling her to take care of her possessions.

  3. I was reminiscing about berryz with a few friends earlier, I’m glad this thread was translated!

  4. I say this every time a Berryz thread is translated, but I never got into this group and somehow I think I missed out.

    • I feel somewhat similarly, but then I listen to their music again and say “I still like this song and I still don’t like that song.”.

  5. at Berryz appearance in New Jersey, during the autograph line, we had time to say something short to each of then as the signed whatever merch we had brought for them to sign. As I was overwhelmed with seeing them and with gratitude, i was holding my hands to my heart and imploring to Miyabi how grateful I was for them coming and repeating “arigatou..hountoni arigatou” as I don’t speak hardly any Japanese at all…. she looked up at me and shot out both of her hand to me to grasp! She was beaming (no pun intended) and allowed me to hold her hands briefly. What a thrill!!! (oh btw this was NOT a handshake event or part of this appearance at all, it was autographs only!!) also I am a disgusting bald old man wota and i was dressed in head to toe pink for Momochi! lol

  6. 6: “One of her seniors called her out for something. She was approached by several of them and she told them that they didn’t scare her. You’d think it would be frightening if there’s a large number of people approaching you like that, but apparently her thinking was that the reason her senior didn’t come alone was because they were weak.”

    Well now that’s just cool~

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