47 comments on “Which H!P member actually has the smallest boobs?

    • Ayacho probably have the tiny one, but she definitely have Boobs. :lol: Poor Harunan

  1. Haruna after all is the first disable girl who passed MM audtion, A girl with no boobs.

  2. Huh, no one talk about Chayu’s?

    Don’t believe me? Just watch again those 10000 yen a month challange :P

    • Duu still accepted by fact that she’s still growing in age (compare to Harunan), plus she’s “Ikemen” (no need for big Boobs)

  3. Now that Shimizu Saki is no longer a member, I can’t say who’s got the smallest.

  4. Ogata, huh? The girl’s growing on me. Maybe I’ll find a new MM oshi after all.

    > PS. Since I’m probably never going to have a better opportunity to post this…

    Wait, what’s that? Where’s that from?

  5. Ogata is showing so much promise, and I can’t wait to see her grow.

    …That may have come out wrong.

  6. Maimi doesn’t qualify for these threads anymore because Oppai Chisato’s boobs draw all the attention when you think of C-ute and boobs.
    It rubbed off on Maimi so to speak….hmmmm Chisato rubbing on Maimi. Sorry, what was I talking about?

  7. Well there is still some chance Harunan could grow…but she’ll need a huge spike in hormones and maybe a ton of sugar along with it.

  8. Still waiting to research Angerme’s 2nd & 3rd gen boobs. Who’s flat and who’s busty? We haven’t know it yet

    • Probably this way,
      2nd-gen :
      – Kananan : probably have, small one
      – Oden-kun : Not sure, but probably have the small one
      – Bakuwara : The small one
      – Mei Mei : The small one too

      3rd-gen :
      – Murotan : The small one
      – Rikako : Not sure, she’s thin
      – Ai Ai : The small one

      Angerme looks like not a “Boobs” group, compare to let’s say Juice=Juice (Aari, Sayubee, kntm) or MM’15 (Fukuhime, Oda, Zukki)

      • Oden is pretty chubby so she may have some boobs, just that she insists on dressing like am ikemen

  9. It’s gonna be difficult, if not impossible, to perform the Paizuri act on Harunan. Plus, I don’t see her growing a decent pair (of boobs) anytime soon. Sorry, haters gotta hate.

      • You mean Nakadashi-kun rite? Aspenth, you are as perceptive as ever, which is prob why Nakadashi-kun respects you so much. Speaking of my dear cousin, unfortunately he’s still on his self-impose(d) exile (or he prefers the word “hiatus”) away from the web. We’re talking about thousands of dollars in child support here, so there’s no telling when he’ll return (with his contributions of filthy comments, among others). Meantime while he’s away, I will be filling in for him in commenting on any boob-related posts by Henkka. (I’m not called Paizuri-kun for nothing, you know?) ; )

      • Dude, I dreamt last night that I poured asphalt all over Harunan’s chest and after that successfully landed my Cessna on it.

  10. This is an exceedingly complicated question. Sure, Harunan and most of the Kenshuushei could be competitive for having the smallest breasts in H!P. However, its debatable whether any of them actually qualify. I could reasonably argue to have the “smallest boobs” one must first have boobs!

  11. Unlike Haruna, Miyabi actually has… sex appeal (?), with or without boobs she is still sexy, even Chinami can sometimes have that aura, Haruna’s body is so flat, you can’t even imagine a woman LOL

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