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  1. I’m not even lying when I say this but back in late January-early February, I don’t remember exactly when, at a release event for Taiki Bansei, I’m going through the line, shaking hands, and when I get to her, she laughs at me. Not with me, not at the person before me, she sees me and laughs at me. She seemed rather unapologetic about it too. I still don’t know if I should be offended or not.

  2. I wonder if i might be able to fix her if I can jut hold my focus for long enough.

  3. Jesus fucking christ. That LINE part really funny.

    Maro : “Tsunku-san I hate being in a large group”
    Tsunku : (That goddamn seal-pig!) “read”

  4. I thought adding new members was Maro and Ayacho’s idea? So much for that lie.

  5. Last year I got to shake Maro’s hands at two different Naruchika events: In Gifu, on March 23, and in Okayama, on April 20, respectively. On both occasions I found her to be very friendly and welcoming. She even used a few English phrases during our interactions that actually made sense, like: “Please come to see us again!” :)

    • Perhaps Maro is like Sato Masaki when it comes to handshake events. Out of 10 fans, 9 leave totally annoyed but one gets the meeting of a lifetime.

  6. Henkka has fallen into the spell of marotesque… It feels like a lot of his recent threads have been about Maro…

    Also, g-damn you Maro for bother Tsunku while he’s dealing with him losing his vocal chords…

  7. Maro seems to seek attention in a “Marotesque” way :lol: I wonder if she’ll be next Angerme leader, what would the group would be :lol:

  8. Ironically enough, Fukuda has announced her graduation today. This is like a premonition.

  9. I don’t know what all the hate for Maro is for, but I’m a huge fan of her. I hate to see her go this fall, but I’ll love to see her leave (if you know what I mean ;) ). I just hope Maro will get a graduation concert, but I guess that won’t happen :'(

  10. Since S/mileage-Angerme had a budokan concert last year, it is possible that they will do a graduation concert there. Just like Berryz did in that other theatre. And it would be an occasion for the company to squeeze more money from the fans, so..yeah (oh, capitalism, the heart that makes the earth spin).

    • Probably not

      Angerme Budokan at summer while Maro grad at fall

      Too close to do another Budokan

      Even if it’s possible, it’ll cannibalize the current Budokan ticket selling

  11. I guess the signs weren’t merely an act, she really was tired of the idol life.

  12. Hey, didn’t Henkka have a prophetic Berryz Kobo post just before they announced the “permanent hiatus”? I think Henkka is either a H!P version of Nostradamus or he’s got an inside contact at UFA!

  13. Henkkadamus! Please tell us your prophecies!
    Or wait… Maybe he is a UFA insider. Have you ever noticed that Henkka and Tsunku♂ are never in the same room at the same time?

  14. As you may already know, graduation ceremony will be held at Budokan on 29/11, while Angerme new single will be released on july 22nd. I guess in the end 29/11 it’s a reasonable date, since it’s still 6 months away. I wonder if new single (triple a-side) will be the last for Maro. However…I want to know Henkka secret contacts with UFA! :D

  15. From the FFS, Maro! thread: I think I have figured out why Kanyon’s behavior was so erratic during handshake events. Her mind was constantly being bombarded by lyric ideas but it would have been rude to ignore the wota and write the ideas down in a notebook. The song she wrote for her graduation sounds like she talking directly to wota in a handshake line and scolding them.

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