7 comments on “Any guys who were thoroughly deceived by Miyabi’s hostess techniques?

  1. “Just reading this thread is making me like Miyabi-chan.”
    SAME. learning about this side of her is just the best

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  4. She certainly creates a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel very special. The effect hasn’t worn off me for almost 2 years now ^^”

  5. I had a similar experience when meeting Miyabi last year. I was very nervous and was crying, so I blurted out “can I hug you?” without thinking, and she actually gave me a hug! It probably helped that I am a small female fan close in age to Miyabi, though (lol). Later, when getting CDs signed, Berryz were not supposed to shake our hands, but Miyabi did anyways (at least for me and one of my friends). She’s always been my favorite in Berryz, and so meeting her and finding out that she’s so sweet in person was really amazing :) I’m glad to hear the Japanese fans experience the same thing.

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