38 comments on “Tsunku: “The members of H!P are an extension of myself. I could not see them as objects of romantic interest.”

  1. While watching the Tsunclub DVD magazines, you can really feel his parental love for the members. The smile he gets while listening to them tell stories is such a genuine smile.
    That’s how I see it. I really do believe that he’s like a kind teacher watching over them.

  2. the amount of hatred towards AKB here is quite sad, at the end of the day you either like H!P or AKB or both there’s nothing wrong with either (^-^).
    But i will say this: the comments here to me sound like little more than a group of butt-hurt H!P wota who are winging because AKB CRUSH them in popularity, sales and relevance to the Japanese economy.

    • It is the H!P board after all. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’d find the same sort of comments aimed at H!P on the AKB board.

      • yeah your right of course, Im sure there are AKB fans that are just as bad lol, I mean yeah im alot more AKB than H!P but com’on why can’t we all get along (^-^)

        • ’cause people like you came and goes all “hurrr my group is better guise and more popular huehuahuehua”

          • “People like you”…only he never said AKB was better than H!P so not only is your post stupid, it is also inaccurate. I don’t like AKB as none of their songs interest me (except the one from Wreck-it Ralph haha) but the hate toward them is really ridiculous and most of the things people talk about are personal attacks that have little to do with the group itself. I never understood why people go out of their way to talk about and constantly put down something they don’t like. Why even give it your energy. You’re not making AKB any less popular or H!P any more popular. It’s like how on every Youtube video or Facebook post someone putting “Still a better love story than Twilight” or “Justin Beiber sucks” on things that have nothing to do with them. Really, get a life. AKB is more popular than H!P. Does that necessarily mean they’re better? No but it’s all subjective. If you’re an AKB fan, great. If you’re an H!P fan, great. If you’re a fan of both, great. Get over it.

    • They’re not even really hating on AKB though. They’re hating on Akimoto, and specifically stuff that he did with Onyanko Club. AKB’s mentioned like two or three times simply by extension.

  3. One has to give credit to Akimoto for Onyanko Club’s influence in what later became Morning Musume and H!P, but I’ll agree with the japanese wota in the assessment that he’s a fucking pig.

  4. @James: They are bashing Akimoto, not AKB. There’s a difference. This has nothing to do with sales, but with how you treat people who are working for you; how to be a decent human being. If the things said here about Akimoto are true, he’s not merely a pervert but also a rapist by forcing girls to sleep with him as they fear for their careers. And in that case AKB girls are victims not to be blamed or bashed. It’s the worst kind of work place sexual harassment. The fact that there are no rumours like this about Tsunku even from the times when MM was more popular makes it more likely that there is at least some truth to the Akimoto rumours. No fire, no smoke.

    On a lighter note, I really like the teacher analogy of 396. I think anyone who’s done even a little bit of teaching or tutoring knows how it is to feel proud when your student shows improvement on some area. Tsunku gets to have that without having to worry about some bully shouting at him, so it’s even better than being an actual teacher, lol.

    • I still like Tsunku don’t get me wrong, I love his work with Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome (^-^)
      and for the record although i love the AKB family, Afilia Saga is BY FAR my favourite idol group!!

  5. Akimoto is a pig indeed, and it’s evident he doesn’t care much for the girls, he just wants to overwork them (don’t caring about their health, see Jurina), pay them the least possible (they don’t earn that much for being the top idols), and the things he said about producing the girl’s life… He’s just the lowest…

    • It’s funny in that the six years that iv’e been an AKB fan I never botherd to know much about Aki-P.

      • That’s why you didn’t get it that those comments were bashing Akimoto not AKB girls.

  6. Aki-P is gross and disgusting. I hate him. Since the moment I knew he married a member of her own production, Onyanku Club. He’s such a pervert. What a pitiful person.

    • To be fair, it’s not that he married a member of Onyaku that’s bothersome. Instead, it’s the fact that he likely is the one that pursued her, which is unprofessional even without the sex and eventual marriage; not sure about Japanese laws, but I do know that’s sexual harassment in the US.

  7. tsunku is so awesome
    I want to put his big framed photo in my living room

    this reminds me of the thread on comparing akip & tsunku
    the conclusion is akip is a d*ck and tsunku is a pussy

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  9. After reading this, I realized why I always liked Morning Musume more than AKB48 – even though I like these groups both really much. Previously I’ve been thinking that it is because Momusu became top group without dancing in lingerie and acting provocative, like it was in AKB’s “Heavy Rotation”. I understand it, it’s more about their producers.
    Akimoto and Tsunku are like characters from a fable: Akimoto is a bad guy, who is very well-known, is very very rich, but thinks only about money and success, and treats the members of his group like a puppets or tools, and thinks only how to use their sexiness to earn more money.
    And Tsunku is a poor but good guy, who makes a lot of mistakes, but has a good intentions, and who really do care about members of his group.

    Of course, reality may be a bit different, but that’s how I see it.

  10. AKB48 the most overrated piece of ***** in the world. Stop controlling the media and shaving the member’s head, piggy.

  11. Recently, there was a doc on TV about Akimoto’s production of an AKB music video. It felt like a bad joke. 24 hours is all Akimoto needed. It tells about the quality.

    The girls and staff arrived on the set early in the morning, and Akimoto had not written his lyrics yet. Unbelievable!! The girls kept waiting around the whole day, doing nothing much. The lyrics finally came, really late of course, the choreographers could only start training the girls around midnight, and the shooting started at 3am. The whole thing was baked before sunrise. Then, during editing, Akimoto couldn’t stop complaining, like it was everybody’s fault but his.

    After watching this, I felt more sympathy towards the girls. No wonder AKB’s dancing is so lame (compared to HP). It has less to do with the girls’ lack of talent, than the lack of time to try developing it. Tsunku takes at least a couple of weeks to prepare for a single.

    No wonder my image of Akimoto went from really really bad to even worse.

  12. Mamiko Takai.,, now i understand why akipiggu started AKB. he wasn’t trying to cash in again, he just got bored with his currently middle-aged waifu!!

    and as for tsunku’s “daughters”. the wankiest wotas think of them as “daughters” too. :P

  13. Hey hey now! When I was in high school I was following Morning Musume and I was the same age as Ai and Gaki. I thought of them as the ideal friends and loved watching the group perform.
    Now that I’m 26 and middle school aged girls are in the group I DO think of them as daughters/little sisters. It just seems so natural. I’m sure that you are talking about the male fans though. But many female fans think the way I do.

  14. Tsunku’s name of his team at Hamonep Star League last year was Tsunku Family Uraomote. To me, that name and the meaning said a lot about the man himself.

    Like #396, I felt Tsuku’s like a “Teacher” from the very beginning. More accurately, a “Principal” and H!P is a “School”.

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  16. Wow, I always had the idea of Miya being this unreacheable, popular girl who doesn’t like to touch normal people.

  17. I didn’t know about the rumors regarding Akimoto, now I feel kind of sorry for AKB members :/
    To be honest I believe Tsunku is gay. Since the first moment I saw him I just had this feeling. Or maybe he is bisexual, in an ycase I think Tsunkucares about the music and he is passionate about his songs, like when he sang koko ni iruze in a performance, you could see his emotions and passion in his signing. I really don’t think he would make a move on the girls.

  18. i love momusu and akb48 both, please be more tolerant, akipig is disgusting, but you all your disgusting and intorelable hate towards akb48 gives hp fans a bad name. idol world is not just hp okay?? gosh! what an inmature little guys are you!

    (sorry for bad english)

    • Did you really need to post on a thread which has been dormant for 23 months?

      BTW, your English is fine.

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