23 comments on “Michishige Sayumi hug pillow to go on sale!!!

  1. Why won’t a female Wota be able to enjoy a Hugpillow?

    I’d sleep with it every night and i would cuddle with it…isn’t it like a huge Teddybear?.

    I wan’t one from Eripon!!!

  2. Ok someone needs to go to yoshinoya with the sayu pillow and record it on video.
    that would be awesome xD

  3. I want them to make Berryz pillows too and make them available to be purchased from U/F Online.

  4. Haha I wasn’t surprised when I read the bit that said it was her own “vehement” demands. I wonder how pervy the other items she suggested were since they even accepted a dakimakura. But damn, that price tag… Sayu, you crafty lady.

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  6. Hello Henkka! Would you please translate some wota reactions to Otsuka Aina’s leaving?

    Also are you, by any chance, from Finland/Finnish? Just thought you might be because of your name…

  7. Well she is a beautiful adult now and it being part of “her own vehement demands” lol I guess I not much to say on this.

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