18 comments on “Michishige Sayumi gets strangely excited over the thought of Kamikokuryo Moe sleeping in her junior high gym uniform

  1. I can totally relate to Sayu lol.

    and Oh man, I feel so old and yet strange at the same time to realise how long ago of that Risako’s film and now she is having a baby already

  2. hahahaha oh boy this is one of the reasons why I love Sayu so much, she is such a pervert in such a funny way and she is so open about it, absolutely love her <3

  3. Riho was grumbling that Sayu only likes the younguns (specifically that Sayu stopped doting as much on Riho when she got older lol), but Moe isn’t that young, so we now learn that Sayu’s really drawn to the babyface and tiny size, rather than the actual age.

      • That would make Riho quite the magical girl if she turned into a Korean girl after she went through puberty. She couldn’t have been Korean before that because Sayumi was all over her for the first couple years she was in Morning Musume.

  4. I can’t believe nobody gets Sayu’s plan. She’s been doing this for such a long time: she gets close to some younger and cuter girl, and absorbs her cuteness. She used to love Risako, they got to perform together many times, then, just out of nowhere, Risako got fat. Very fat. Then, she met Sayashi, and did the same thing. What happened to Sayashi? Yes, fat. What about Sayu? Beautiful. Young. Skinny.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Moe gained a lot of weight after this.

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