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    • I didn’t really like her at the beginning. Didn’t really hate her either. She was just there. You could tell she was acting like what she thought an idol should be for the camera, when scared, when surprised, when happy, or whatever. I mean, they all do that to some extent, she was just terrible at it. By the middle of her career, I think she kind of just gave up on it and was more herself. That’s when I started liking her.

  1. “19: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/10/08(月) 18:14:20.35 0.net
    She was always so overwhelming live and yet if you took that one thing from her, she’d be completely hopeless. She’d always just be sleeping or falling over or eating all by herself.

    But that’s what was so good about her.”

    This comment right here perfectly explains the Idol that Sayashi Riho was. She was an absolute monster on stage, that combination of singing, dancing, looks, confidence and just overall idol aura backed her stature as the absolute center of Morning Musume. Yet offstage she was completely hopeless as a functional teenager lol, the only things she were good at were sleeping and eating. She couldn’t even light a lighter and somehow managed to kill a cactus she was raising.

    P.S. Kamozaland

    • Man, you’re right on the money. When I was translating this thread, that was the comment that to me felt like the one that best sums up this girl. At the risk of putting words in people’s mouths, I do feel like a lot of Western fans seemed to think Sayashi Riho was this stuck-up bitch type who was stealing the spotlight from all the members who were more deserving of it. And to be completely honest, I kind of used to buy into that thought as well — it’s so easy to go along with what everyone thinks, you know? It was really only when I translated the first part of Loitering (which was heavily focused on Sayashi) that I went… “Oh shit. Oh fuck…

      I already said this in my thing above, but Sayashi Riho was the biggest Sayashi Riho critic that there ever was. You think you hated Sayashi’s singing or whatever? Pssh! That young woman fucking tormented herself for her inadequacy.

      Sayashi Riho was as good at performing as she was at finding fault within herself.

  2. As someone who watched the 9th gen closely since the beginning, I was never able to like Riho again since uStream Musume… I was a massive fan of her before the first episode aired since she just came off as so cool and skilled in the auditions and Bijo Gaku, which she was of course, but it immediately became obvious the kind of person Riho had developed into in that actor’s school. Riho definitely wasn’t the type to make friends easily since her awkwardness often had her behaving in a way that could be misconstrued as bullying. I really like to root for the underdogs so being an Eripon fan was fate and seeing Riho copy some of Erina’s cute KY mannerisms for laughs rubbed me the wrong way. The more that I watched her the more it seemed that Riho didn’t have much personality herself so she’d mimicked the others like trying the mannerisms on for size. I think it had taken Riho a long time to come to understand her character within the group because she was always so very conscientious.

  3. Sayumi is my ultimate idol so i’m really surprised when I watched my 1st and only Morning Musume concert(MM14) when 50% of my attention goes to Sayashi Riho. Seriously. RIHO IS SO GOOD. Like black hole. Just can’t help but watch her performance.
    After watching YT vidoes I decided that Riho is real life anime girl.

  4. Thanks so much for these threads. I came into the fandom right as she was leaving, so I never got to pay attention to her, I suppose I can go back and watch those old concerts!

  5. No hate on Riho, but I don’t get all of this praise at all… She just never was an idol I was immediately drawn to in any way, I think there are better performers and cuter girls. I mean, it’s okay if people like her, everyone deserves their fans but saying all of this? Cannot comprehend it. Those gifs are cute tho.

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