10 comments on “What was Konno Asami like as a member of Morning Musume?

  1. Nice! I still do have the gokkies photobook as a gift from my trip to japan back in 2010! I bet all the konkon wotas on twitter do remember all about her! Yay!

    Hennka, where’s the sayashi content that I asked earlier on the mizupon thread?

    • Hey, I said “before the end of the year” — I still have like three days!

      And since that’s now twice you asked, I guess I better make it two posts…

  2. Notice how every idol group have this one or two weird “my pace” chara member? I think it all started with Konkon /watch?v=7WfJEHp3Ms8.

    Also konkon’s Konkons :)

  3. At the time, I thought she was the most unlikeliest bikini shashinshuu subject. But I mean, duh.

    Yes, I bought ’em all…

  4. I like Konkon. Her quiet voice is cute and she made me laugh in those old episodes.
    Marippe saying it’s just a game when Konkon started to cry waterfall.

  5. Oja Maarushe Konno!!!

    She was like the total opposite of what you would assume she would be like. Think most people who didnt know about her would assume her to be unathletic and unintelligent but its actually the opposite. She was legitimately the smartest person in the group and up until Maimi came along Konno was the one dominating the H!P sports festivals along with Tsuji.. Like you would never expect her to be the starting Goalie for the H!P soccer team. Probably my favorite aspect of her is the fact that she was a glutton that couldnt eat fast at all. She was always eating something and would cry for food but it took forever for her to eat anything, i’m pretty sure gerbils can take bigger bites than she can

    • No joke, I actually used to keep some gerbils as pets. I can back you up on Konno eating smaller than those guys.

  6. Kinda off topic, but laughed hard at those pics comparing the Gokkies and Rokkies. 5th gen are these nice girls next door…and then you’ve got a trio of juvenile delinquents, and it’s not like Fujimoto changed that image at all, lol. Definitely can tell which gen was the “problem children” gen, though I bet no one would be able to predict which two would be long-term leaders of MM…

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