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    That menopause one. LOL

    Ok let’s try~

    Opposite meanings:
    The Girlpower!!!
    男子沈黙物語 (The Story of Silent Boys)
    ここにいないぜ! (I’m Not Here!)
    Do It! Later
    Sad Winter Funeral

    Replace song titles with Terada:
    Terada ~My Dear Boy~
    Terada no Udedokei

    Pfft, this is fun.

  2. This isn’t Unmei
    “Samoshii Yatsu” (A Mean Guy)

    Yume no “Te.ra.da” (Dream’s “Te.ra.da”)
    Terada wo Nigitte Arukitai (I want to walk holding Terada)
    Terada no Haru ga Kita (The spring of Terada has come)

  3. The War!

    Terada HOLD ON ME!
    Do Terada! Now
    Kiss! Terada Party
    Love Terada IT’S ALL RIGHT
    A snowy night with Terada (Terada to Yuki no Yoru)

  4. Second thread is excellent.

    My contribution:
    寺田の代わりは居やしない (Terada no kawari ha iyasinai)
    No one can replace Terada

  5. does kirara/koharu revolution count as H!P?

    Terada Terada Taan!
    Hapi☆Terada Sunday
    Terada Hanabi
    very! berry! Terada!
    Yume no Terada

    i fear the day that Terada and Sharam Q tries to sing koharu’s songs though.

  6. I really want to see the music video to “Country Bumpkin Slut”.

    I really do NOT want to see the music video to “A KISS With a Naked, Naked Terada” or “Terada Bikini”.

    • > I really do NOT want to see the music video to “A KISS With a Naked, Naked Terada” or “Terada Bikini”.

      I suppose those might lead to excessive blood loss, so that is understandable.

  7. Terada “theme” is totally ROFL :))

    winner is :
    207: 名名無しさん 2014/04/19(土)15:01:03 ID:???
    裸の裸の寺田とkiss (Hadaka no Hadaka no Terada to KISS)
    A KISS With a Naked, Naked Terada

  8. Discouraging! Discouraging Is Good

    THE Terada Power

    “25: 名名無しさん 2014/04/19(土)00:09:30 ID:???
    1億3千万総寺田 (1oku 3zenman Sou Terada)
    130 Million Teradas”

    OH! Dear God no! XD

    • > OH! Dear God no! XD

      Oh, come on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were that many? I’m sure one of them would finally give in and release a CD with demo vocals too.

  9. 114: 名名無しさん 2014/04/14(月)01:11:23 ID:7jzyn7wwd
    悪の軍団 (Aku no Gundan)
    Army of Evil


    36: 名名無しさん 2014/04/19(土)00:11:53 ID:???
    寺田のピピピ (Terada no Pipipi)

    dammit! 2ch is insane! (rofl)

  10. そうだ! We’re DEAD (Souda! We’re DEAD)
    lol,really? This made me laugh so hard !! XD
    To sing such horrible things so cheerfully

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