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  1. Well, H!P is what, 20 years old? I’m sure that some lesbians have been part of it. I just wonder who they are.

    I’ve always felt a gay vibe coming from Makocchan, but I can’t say for sure…

    • I’ve felt it from Fukuchan and Sakura but on the other hand, they’ll be reading shoujo manga so I’m getting mixed signals…although Sakura did get into Gakkou Gurashi and spread that to Fukuchan. I thought Kaede could be a candidate too but she’s into Free! ._.
      So since all the members into anime mostly like shoujo, I’ve decided to focus on members who aren’t into that.
      Also, from scouring Japanese threads, it seems lots of people suspect (other than the aforementioned two) Sayu, Daaishi, Wadasaku, Taguchi, (almost all kobushi members actually), Yamaki, Rio, and Riho. Occasionally other groups’ members were mentioned, but the group with the fewest suspects seems to be Angerme, as I only saw Takeuchi come up a few times. Momusu has the most, which many say is thanks to Sayu XD
      And Mako came up a few times too. Isn’t she the oldest never-married member? It all makes sense now

    • 99% sure this isn’t her (pictures from other angles seem less like Makoto but it’s hard to tell with the mask), but here is a random picture I came across of someone who looks a bit like Makoto (twitter account deleted it seems) in a livestream with some other girl. Other pictures show them kissing.
      And bonus, I included another livestream photo where I couldn’t find anything on the girl who looks like Fuku-chan.
      Am I a creep? Maybe… but I was just really amused and wanted to show someone… >.>;


      • There are a lot of girls who look a lot like Ogawa Makoto. One of my favorites is from the world of Tokusatsu: Haga Yuria (Kamen Rider 555, Sh15ya, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Decade, and Zero: Dragon Blood).

  2. C’mon Japanese fans, you like it too. It’s free fanservice and the “no boyfriend” rule still applies xD.

    Rena Chan when she groped Pai Pai Dekami is my suspect.
    Fujimoto gave me way too many Bisexual vibes back in the day too.

      • The first sentence was meant to be for the “general lesbian-bi stuff” everybody does, not Rena in particular + she could always be bi if you meant that.

  3. Some of my favorite shenanigans combi’s:

    Wada Ayaka & Iikubo Haruna – Two DVD’s!!
    Fukumura Mizuki & Takeuchi Akari – The two surviving members of H!P Eggs Gen 4 have a well documented strong bond.
    Masaki Sato & Kudo Haruka – If they weren’t close, how come Haruka has to translate what Masaki is saying all the time?
    Yamaki Risa & Morito Chisaki – Risa’s sexi-hara of Chisaki is getting legendary.
    Sasaki Risako & Mikino Maria & Kaga Kaede – These girls were the evil trio girls of the KSS, known as the Akama.
    Miyamoto Karin and Takeuchi Akari – This one might be a one sided stalker relationship, but sometimes love gone wrong can be fun!
    Kamei Eri & Mishichigi Sayumi – Even though it was kind of a skit, it takes a lot to make Yossy think that the two of them are gross.
    Sayashi Riho & Suzuki Kanon – This one was kind of low key, but there were moments were each instinctively had each other’s back.
    Ikuta Erina & Risa Niigaki – If this was business then Risa and Erina deserve credit for continuing the business years after Risa graduated and got married.
    Kikkawa Yuu & Sengoku Minami – If this is business then these two must trust each other a LOT.
    Mano Erina & Yagima Maimi – The two of the are great actresses, but still their UTB video was way NSFW.
    Ishikawa Rika & Yoshizawa Hitomi – They fronted a goth band together, so who cares if they’re both straight? (Actually all combos of Rika, Hitomi, Fujimoto Miki, and Ogawa Makoto have lots of rub rub pictures floating around)
    Sugaya Risako & Fukuda Kanon (Maro/Riro) – Two lone wolves.

    There are also more stalker combi’s, most famously Fukumura Mizuki stalking Tsugunaga Momoko. Fukuda Kanon’s stalking of Kumai Yurina was almost as bad, but Yurina was less uptight about it than Momoko.

  4. 19: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/08/27(日) 23:03:45.61 0.net
    If men are banned, it’s only natural for them to turn to lesbianism.


  5. There’s a picture of Taguchi Natsumi going around on Facebook saying she is dating the “guy” on the picture. But I don’t think it’s true. The only source of the picture is a deleted Twitter account -.-

  6. I am a straight girl but I love this type of thing xD I find it cute and funny at the same time, I actually would like to have that kind of friendship were you can feel extremely comfortable around each other

  7. So no one’s going to bring up Chisato’s literal confession to being gay for Mai, and that if it weren’t for society’s views, she would “still love her”? I mean – Chisato is definitely at least bi.

    • Fuck society her momma has more than enough children by herself, it won’t make a difference if one of them is going lesbo.

      • Speaking of lesbian idols one of the members of E-girls anonymously said she was lesbian on a game show a few years ago. And there’s also a small local idol group in Nagoya called NSM= with an LGBT theme; the shortest member is lesbian but I’m not sure about the rest, think they might be bi.

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