43 comments on “The female fans of H!P speak: “member whose face I’d most like to have”

  1. WHAT AN AWESOME THREAD! <3 Thanks, Henkka!

    For me, it would be young Risako's face (in "Watashi no mirai no danna-sama" she looks gorgeous), or skinny Maasa's everything! She was incredibly beautiful during H!P Summer Concert in 2009. I miss that Maasa! She was prettier than Maimi, Airi or any girl who is usually thought as "the H!P beauty".

    If we were talking about figure, then it would have to be Ishikawa. She's so hot.

    I have to confess that I got really surprised when I noticed how many people want to look like Kamei, and so few people answered "Sayu". Sure, Kamei is extremely cute, but I still didn't see it coming.

      • Nakajima Takui is pretty charismatic but I would have to lose a foot in height to look like him.

        As for Tsunku, I have too many people asking me to pose in a stream wearing only a couple of flowers.

        One of Ogawa Makoto’s guy characters? Wait, Sharam Q’s Makoto? Never mind.

  2. Makes me wonder when was the last time this people actually looked at the members, especially the ones picking Kamei. It sounded like they were talking about how the girls look 7 or 8 years ago.(excluding those that actually refered to current members).

    My top 3 pick would be Rei, Manakan and Kana.

  3. Sorry if this sounds bad, but I just don’t see it with Kamiko…ranking her up there with Maimi is weird to me.
    Also, the people bashing Fuku-chan can just shut up!! She’s great just how she is >: (
    I think I’d want Daaishi’s face, though, personally

  4. > Henkka: Here’s another unwanted male opinion. If I could have any H!P member’s looks for a day — assuming it was just the face so I don’t even have to consider this from any perverted angle — I’d make it Kumai-chan and just stare at myself. All day. In complete wonder and amazement.

    Would you stare at yourself in complete wonder and amazement because of Kumaicho’s face itself, or because her expression of wonder and amazement is wondrous and amazing?

    That aside, even with just a face you could approach things from a perverted angle, with just a bit of creativity. Not that I would ever do such a thing myself, endorse it or even suggest it. But you could.

    • “Would you stare at yourself in complete wonder and amazement because of Kumaicho’s face itself, or because her expression of wonder and amazement is wondrous and amazing?”

      Well, the former — I was kind of trying to convey that I think she’s very beautiful and, if I did magically look like her for a day, I’d take the opportunity to admire said beauty.

      But now that you’ve planted your perverted idea in my head, if I wake up as Kumai-chan tomorrow I’m probably just going to walk up to a mirror and stick a fucking banana in my mouth instead.

  5. I have a weird question. Some people mentioned that Kamiko, Rei and Maimi have “strong facial features”, and I can’t see it at all. What did they mean by that?

    • I think it’s something like a rather shaped face, with clean line jaw or cheekbones. Compared to rather soft features, like rounder faces.

  6. Oh, though decision, there are/have been too many good-looking members…

    Well, well… If I wanted to be a bijin, I’d pick either Maasa (any size Maasa, but yeah, slim Maasa was just something else), Kumaicho, Miya, Aaarii…

    If I wanted to be both beautiful and cool, I’d be Chisa (or Maasa, again).

    Now if I wanted to be just super cute, I’d pick Momo (especially young Momo), Chinami, Nanami, Maopin (though I know she’ll one day be a super beauty), Saya, Miimi, Uta-chan… Tiny Maimai.

    Captain is quite cute too.

    Risako is a mixture between beautiful and incredibly cute. Like a doll, yes.

    Airi is more like very VERY pretty.

    Other choices would be Melon Kinenbi’s Megumi (she was really pretty!), °C-ute’s Megumi (she was pretty as a young girl and still is very pretty) Saori (very cute with very pretty eyes), Yumeno, Moe, Ayacho, Maro, Kiki, IcreaMusume’s Reirei (she was cute and became very pretty later), Kobushi’s ReiRei, Ayumi (Shibata), Yuhane, Rio, Ryo (xD), Ume-chan, Fuyuka (especially now, she’s become really REALLY pretty!), Nanami (Tanabe), Momona, Yuukarin…

    If we take UF into account, Pink Cres’ Yuuka & Hikaru both have pretty faces too (and I love Yuuka’s eyes). Tasaki Asahi is really cute too.

    And finally, I’d like to have Maiha’s (or Murata’s) dimples.


  7. What? No Tsunku♂? What’s wrong with these women?!

    Actually, with the wide variety of girls that were mentioned, it makes me wonder more about the girls that were NOT mentioned. For instance, I think most guys would consider Reina very sexy, but apparently no girls want her face.

    • Well, it’s not like the people who replied to this are all the female fans (and according to that one anon, all of these are actually male fans because all the female ones are on twitter *another conspiracy theory has been born*)

    • At least for me, Reina is definitely a face I’d want to admire more than to have. And the face goes with her sense of style and personality, ending up with this overwhelming Reina-ness that would be hard to make for your own.

    • Reina is my oshimen, and I find her absolutely beautiful. She’s absolutely flawless to me, but I just don’t think I could do her face justice. I do want her face.

  8. i gotta say, even though it is weird since im 5 years older than her, if i had aarii’s face at 16-18 my life absolutely would be different. it’s not that i want her face, its just the acknowledgement of the truth of that statement

  9. There were, are and always will be too many beautiful people in H!P to be 100% sure about that… for me at least haha.

    From past members I always had a thing for Yossy’s face. Her nice big eyes, her beautiful jawline… Miki is also beautiful. Maimi, Maasa and Risako are strong contesters from more recently graduated members. Also worthy to mention: Younger Riho. She was still pretty when she got older, but 12yo Riho was the cutest thing on earth.

    From current members I’d say Aarii, Dawa, Kishimon, Ayumi… these lists are endless haha.

    Also surprised to see so many point out Mizuki’s weight. She has gained a few pounds but just a year or two people loved her “marshmallow skin”.

  10. Dear henkka, what about “the idol or artiste you most want to sleep with?”

    My top 3 pick would be 1. Mizuji Fukumura, 2. Akari Uemura and 3. You Kikkawa

  11. Good read! at first I was thinking that it was weird that Sayu was barely mentioned but then I realized that even though I love her and think she is stunningly beautiful I wouldn’t like to have her face, she is the type of beauty that you prefer to contemplate, so if I have to pick one I actually think Eririn might be the one, because she has this feeling that no one could really get mad at her, in that same line of thought Chii-chan and Manakan would be good choices too

        • Shit! I’ll be honest, for the past month I’ve only been working on longer projects that just aren’t ready to be posted yet.

          But, the wife isn’t home and there’s two and a half hours of the month left Japan time. Let me go have a look at my 2ch to-do list…

          • Dammit that was cutting it close. Published the first one at 23:51, the second one at 23:59. I’m never promising a deadline for anything ever again.

  12. Maachan now or maybe Sayu back around 2008 or so. I can’t really imagine going through day to day looking like any of them though.

  13. Among the current set I’d like to have an Ayacho or Kamiko-type face.
    But if I have to choose among all of H!P I’d choose Nacchi’s face.

  14. OMG, the amount of Eririn comments is astounding and this was a thread 7 years after her graduation. <3<3<3 She definitely possesses a beauty that I still can't wrap my head around, super natural and supernatural. LoL I'm surprised there's not many Sayumi comments, she's absolutely gorgeous now (and by far the most natural looking member ever).

    I guess if I had to choose just by face (because Eri possesses everything I want lol) I'd have to go with long hair Mikitty (short hair Miki always looked weird to me), adult Ayaya, Sayumi now, or Gaki-san pre-marriage, her look now is strange but then again most of her IG pics are heavily filtered. lol

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