9 comments on “Michishige Sayumi’s mom has great legs

  1. Seeing as how Sayumi doesn’t ever age, I’m guessing her mom is the same way. So her mom probably looks pretty much like Sayumi.

  2. Honestly my favorite part about the Michishige family threads are the nicknames the fans give them lol… Instead of saying Sayu’s mom, sister or brother we have Hahashige, Aneshige and Anishige lol.. I love it

    6. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2017年08月18日 18:52 id:9Puclh5n0
    So let me get this straight: Michishige is only the third prettiest member of the Michishige household. It sounds impossible. Just how pretty are Hahashige and Aneshige?

    I know right.. Shes always said she wasn’t as pretty as her mother or her sister and we’ve heard stories about how awesome Aneshige is.. Wish they were a part of the entertainment world for even a day so i can put a face to these awesome mental images and stories i have

  3. 7. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2017年08月20日 17:55 id:t.k1BBHd0
    I’m jealous of Michishige’s dad.

    A thought shared by the whole mankind.

  4. 77: “Sayu herself was saying that when she compared herself to a picture of her mom when she was the same age, Hahashige was prettier.”

    This makes me wonder just how are the mothers of other beautiful members.

  5. I’m starting to believe that the woman of the Michishige household must posses some kind of supernatural nature xD, I mean those are really not the legs of a woman nearing her 60s!! hoping I will age that well…

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