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  1. No wonder Sayu always seems so patient with Maa-chan.
    She already has practice dealing with someone who’s on a similar level!

  2. ⋅⋅⋅ᴵ ᵗʰᶦᶰᵏ ᴵ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᴬᶰᵉˢʰᶦᵍᵉ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ ᵗʰᵃᶰ ˢᵃʸᵘ

      • I could never get into Sayu….(Poor choice of words). But had her sister been the idol in the family, I’d be all over Michishige.

  3. I dunno… some of these seem too outrageous to be true. Though some of them sounds like something Sayu herself could have done and made her sis the scapegoat :P. I’m sure she’s amazingly cute though.

    (P.s my reply box had the barely-naked Tsunku covered with flowers pic… Not sure how I feel about that LOL)

    • Sometimes it feels like I’ve seen more partially-nude pics of Tsunku than I have of the actual members…@_@

      …but for some reason I am oddly ok with it since it’s Tsunku

      …dear god what have I become

  4. I never expected I would ever say this about a living person, especially one only a few years younger than me, but: So moe, I’m gonna die!

  5. Sayu has admitted to actually being the least attractive of her mom and sister, right? They must be too pretty for human eyes then. Hopefully she shows her once she graduates like Aichan did with her sister who is amazingly adorable. The Takahashi and Michishige family have really good genes.

    • > The Takahashi and Michishige family have really good genes.
      There’s also Michishige Saho, Chayu’s second cousin. She’s pretty cute too and has actually entered the entertainment world somewhat recently.

    • What if all of Hello!Project is just the madness that is Michishige Sayumi?!

      Has Sayumi been the only one on stage this entire time??

      *sanity lost forever*

  6. “She was really hungry but there was nothing to eat at home, so she ate a tissue.”

    We’ll, Sayu did say Aneshige was a really good cook.

    • Good point, they never said HOW she prepared that tissue…add a couple clams, a hint of butter and basil…

  7. I want to marry Aneshige !

    What ? For having Sayu as sister in law you said ? I don’t know why you think that !

    • If it’s declared in your pre-nuptial agreement that you “must have the opportunity to see Sayumi at family events, regularly throughout the year”…then you just might be an idol wota

      …somehow I think that clause would really piss off Aneshige/Natsumi…

  8. It seems like Natsumi (or whatever her name may be) has had it pretty rough over the years, especially considering that she can’t avoid being compared to her younger sister Sayumi in pretty much every way. That’s gotta be a big reason for her perceived emotional instability, but then again I don’t have a degree in psychology so what do I know? lol

    I know she’s a bit too old to be an idol, but…Natsumi for 12th gen? She kinda reminded me of Konno Asami from those screenshots that were posted from the variety show (if that’s actually her, which it seems to be).


  9. Excellent thread. I don’t want to date Aneshige, I want to be Sayumi’s sister ! Bathing with Sayumi almost everyday ? This alone is priceless.

    Of all the images, at least two of them are not Aneshige: 11th and 18th (the last one). I remember the blog post: the girl next to Sayu is her childhood friend from Yamaguchi, who became a teacher.

  10. Laughd throughout the entire topic, thanks Henkka!
    Aneshige is too awesome for our mortal eyes. XD
    If she was an idol, I think she would easily become my oshi lol

    By the way, I got Tsunku covered with flowers too LOL

  11. The real Michishige Sayumi died in 2003 before the 6th gen auditions; it has been Aneshige who has been performing as her dead sister all these years.

  12. I cannot resist myself from imagine Sayu and her sis taking a bath together and press their boobs against each other.

  13. Furthermore, Sayu’s signature phrase “yoshi, kyou mo kawaii!” originated from Aneshige.

    Can we just applaud this girl right now for creating the catchphrase that gave birth to the worlds cutest Sayu… I think they owe her a nobel peace prize or something for this miraculous contribution

    Seriously though, after reading all those episodes I am dying of laughter right now… Why is this girl not in the entertainment field, if she really is as crazy as sayu says then this girl needs to be on television ASAP.. They need to give Sayu a reality show with her sister after she graduates, theres no way that can fail to be successful

  14. there was a recent local news about a man marrying a woman of four-year old’s brain and he was accused of having that woman as a personal sex slave. so yeah, marrying aneshige…

    “She fell asleep while sitting on the toilet. Her family rescued her by breaking the door with a screwdriver. The next day, Aneshige had no recollection of this ever happening.”

    really, is aneshige some kind of a special child or autistic? it’s cute, but worrying in some high-degree level. i couldn’t even bring myself to joke about it… hehe ^^;

  15. One thing for sure, Ane-shige is cute too, maybe same level as Sayu. But with addition of “absent-minded” or “KY-ness” thing i see. No wonder that Sayu looks so mature as a MM leader.. (experienced from Aneshige :D)

  16. ….. I’m questioning if I’m Aneshige….

    Besides some of the really crazy stuff…

    I’m actually her.

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  18. It’s Abe Natsumi’s fault that Aneshige’s face is always covered in the pics. Oh wait wrong thread.


    Now, one thing I didn’t believe: that she could enter university!

  20. I’m just a little curious about AneShige….how come she’s acquainted with all of 5th and 6th gen but not Tanaka? Could somebody please explain? Is there a reason for AneShige not to like Tanaka?

    • Most likely the fact that Reina is a tad stand-offish and didn’t hang out with the other members outside of work.

      She mellowed out a bit in the later years, but in ’09 not so much.

  21. Its like Sayu has a similar relationship with her sister as Eri’s sister Rina has with Eri.

  22. Thanks for the translations again, Henkka, this was a hilarious and interesting read. Sayu’s sister is very amusing, and I love how close she is with Sayu. ^^

    One more fact about Aneshige came to my mind: she wears Sayu’s member T-shirts in public.

  23. “She used to work part-time handing out tissues. She couldn’t fill her quota of tissues she had to give out, so she had her mom pretend that she was a passerby and gave them all to her. For a period of time, their whole house was filled with pocket tissues because of that.”

    Why didn’t she just eat them? lol

    Or maybe the tissue incident happened after she’d quit that job and the tissue she had to eat in that moment of crisis was the last one they had in the house after getting rid of tall the others

  24. The picture from aquarium, that other person is Niigaki… They visited the aquarium before Gaki’s grad and that’s a screenshot from the video that was filmed there lol

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