16 comments on “Reina: “I want to know what kind of sex my little brother is having”

  1. ewwwww… reina-chan has unclean otaku thoughts about her wittle bro… but it’s okay since she’s an OG now. i just hope she doesn’t go full-horny like mari-chan-san

  2. It looks like Tansa-tan would like to go to Disneyland with his little brother !

    btw can’t we remove this thumbs ? It feels like we are on YT or something..

    • There was another commenter asking for the feature which is why I added it. I dunno, what does everyone think? Maybe I should make a poll about it or something.

      • i think it’s a great way for me to spam-downvote anyone who uses a silly username like “anon”.

      • I replied “if only there’s a like button” to a previous comment because I felt it deserved my praise. I not that fond of typing lol or rotfl…

        • Right. I definitely get that, don’t get me wrong. If I just want to express an “I agree” or something, it’s easier for me to just click a button and be on my way, but I can understand how having it might turn someone off from commenting in the first place.

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