19 comments on “Tanaka Reina: “Me and Non-chan tried growing our boobs by eating cabbage.” Ogata Haruna: “Me and Iikubo-san tried that, too!”

  1. Aaah, girls and their obsession with size. It’s not like we guys obsess constantly about the size of our…

    Oh wait…

    (So girls, just so you know: your size is equally not important for us than ours is not important for you. And Reina, you’re awesome just the way you are.)

  2. Don’t get sad, my fellow flat-chested sisters!
    As a wise person once said, “flat chests are a status symbol!”
    …sometimes I wish I could at least be a B though lol

  3. LOL, i can only imagine Tsuji dragging around Reina back then.. Reina had this mature yankee personality but like she said, she was only a child so i can see her pretending to know what the hell Tsuji was talking about then running home to do research on what she saw

  4. I would give you half of mine if I could, the backpain is horrible even tho they aren’t super big at all.
    I find small breasts prettier. I wished I was a small sized pettanko and not a curvy girl.

  5. Whoa! Nontan and Tanakacchi often hanged out together!? I’ve always thought Reina was a complete loner back then haha. This must be during the otomegumi days… they should have made a futarigoto video. (>.<)

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