7 comments on “Sayashi Riho broke her computer by going on a questionable website

  1. Well, I’m not gonna disagree with the wota(s) about Riho going on the porn site that made her computer crash. LOL. But then again, she’s at that age where girls (and boys?) are curious about the explicit stuff. XD;

  2. >Henkka: This is really worrying. What is this girl thinking? Minors need to stay safe on the internet! She should just ask the experts reading her blog for porn site recommendations.

    Or ask Sayu.

  3. 177: 【中国電 67.0 %】 2013/07/15 08:05:45
    She tries to bring up a plant and it gets moldy; she tries to use a PC and she breaks it.

    plus, riho doesn’t know how to use a lighter.

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