11 comments on “Sayumi’s limited edition hug pillow remains completely unattainable

  1. Sayumi is truly a master like Tsunku said when he chose her in the 6ki auditions… She totally knows what the wotas want but she’s never going to come out and say it so she can preserve her cute idol image.

  2. its truly a smart move by Sayu, maybe she’s feeling the pressure with all the new young members, when she’s been around for so long. Smart more to hold on to fans, is have your face be teh one they wake up next too.

  3. You think UFA would be desperate enough to open orders to the public if they knew how popular they could be.

  4. if your willing to spend anything more than a grand… for a pillow…
    seriously.. i ask you why.. just why…..
    Wake up to the technological times people…. =_=
    for 600$ you can have a real lifelike clone of sayumi in your house.

    if you have no idea what im talking about try googling japanese silicone dolls
    and yes you can have one custom made.

  5. I’m afraid that that mental image is 100% correct.

    If M-shige would really want to do some business she should start to sell all kind of things that are at least some way related to her, you know like “a cauliflower touched by Sayumi♥” (“Now you can open up Sayumi’s tender flower” would be the marketing sentence) or a small knife that’s touched by Sayumi named “DangerSayu” or whatever she could come up with. Not to mention sellings of small worn cloth pieces, like a small piece from SayuDress from this and that picture, she and H!P would make so much money.
    And one certain item that would cost some serious money would be “ManoPiano” :)

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