4 comments on “It has been half a year since the graduation of Yanagawa Nanami

  1. I agree with 101, supporting Nanami really was a lot of fun. She wasn’t even my favourite in CG or J=J, but I do miss her more than Yuka and I think I will miss her even more than Funakki.

  2. The Momochi effect was so strong with the country girl members that transferred to different groups. They had these extra layers of entertainment/idol capabilities that made them stand out in their new groups. Its crazy that out of the 4, only 2 will remain after the years end (Chii and Manakan). Yanamin and Funaki were on the path to become H!P pillars, I was especially excited for Yanamin cause she seemed to want to become the spiritual successor to Momochi. She was willing to go the variety route, even becoming a burriko in an era where no Idol has the courage to become that character anymore. Such a shame that she called it quits, she could have been a legend

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