25 comments on ““A top wota told me that they’re going to stop going to concerts because of the jumping ban.”

  1. “One wouldn’t be able to properly understand why they would put a ban on this unless they’ve personally experienced someone jumping directly in front of them. You’ll get so annoyed that you seriously feel like you could kill them.”


      • If it’s a small, all-standing show? Sure.
        But generally speaking, if it’s an H!P concert, you will have an assigned seat. Moving elsewhere is not an option.

  2. 45, 149, and 2 are my sentiments exactly

    This ban is vital and LONG overdue for fans that actually want to enjoy the concert. Those that selfishly inconvenience others in a public space deserve being inconvenienced.

    Uncoordinated jumping should’ve been tossed in the bin when management did away with MCs and Skits. Like, the very LEAST they could’ve done back then was to give us *something* good to make-up for a literal nonstop performance that simply harms our idols and forces them to retire early lol

    • I actually want to enjoy the concert.
      Sometimes jumping helps.
      You should try it some time, it’s super fun.

  3. Its not just bumping into/blocking people and being obnoxious, there are stories of people breaking venue materials (using seats as launching pads, etc).

    It’s too bad they didn’t listen with the earlier notice on “inconvenience jumping” (they know what was meant). That was the time to compromise, so choreographed/timed jumping need not be touched. But no, selfish people ruin things for everyone.

    If people can actually follow a basic rule, maybe they’ll relax it in the future for timed jumping.

    • lol @ the folks ‘disliking’ this > have you never been so moved by the music that you just had to do something expressive to show your enthusiasm? Like you needed to let that energy out somehow?
      Cuz, standing motionless and waving a glowstick ain’t gonna do it, y’all. Ya just holding yourself back for nothing.

      First, Sakura (and others) telling the fans they’re being “too loud” lol stfu there’s no such thing as cheering or screaming too loud at a concert. Maybe, MAYBE there is a right and a wrong time to do it, but “too loud” doesn’t exist.

      Second, No more jumping! We know you come to the show to have fun, but not that much fun you’re upsetting the other guests.

      What’s next? No wotagei?
      Then no cheering of any kind?
      No fan chants?
      No singing?
      Then no light sticks because “it’s distracting.”
      Finally no motion of any kind for any reason.

  4. 21. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2019年10月29日 23:29
    “Top wota” (laughs)

    Pretty much how I reacted…what the fuck is a “top wota”?

    Do you have to spend the most in the fanclub? Attend the most lives? Handshakes?

    Do you have to be the sweatiest, slimiest POS in attendance? Who even decides this?

    Being on the shorter side of the crowd, I have no love for jumpers. It’s unnecessary and inherently distracting, not to mention detrimental to those behind you (and potentially disruptive to those around you).

    The rest of us are trying to enjoy ourselves and WATCH the show. Jumpers can go fuck themselves. The ban was long overdue.

    • There is no “top wota”.
      It’s someone making their own claims, but taking the responsibility off of themself by distancing from those claims and trying to give them more weight by pretending they were made by someone ‘important’.

      • Sadly there are top wota in every idol fandom. The crazy ones that are the loudest and do shit like Masai jumping for attention or wear crazy getups get notoriety and become considered “top wota”. I don’t pay too close attention to MM but the most famous were Pistol (he was infamous for his Kago oshi days, even went on variety shows to talk about her during the golden era, he’s into BEYOOOOONDS now) and Samurai (just got arrested at a Tsubaki event recently) and a couple of others.

  5. Seeing all the fans jump at once must be fun for the performers. It’s too bad a few people have to ruin this for all.

  6. On one hand: people have different ways of enjoying a show- some people like to fist pump, or wave a light stick, some people dance, some people sing, some people jump… then there’s a select few who do some combination of those.
    On SEVERAL other hands: never going to another concert because ‘THeY wOnT Let mE JuMp anYMoRe’ is super dumb.

  7. So, uh, I guess they’re never going to perform certain songs again? Like How Do You Like This Japan, or, you know, JUMP? In 2016, the girls were even telling the audience to jump for What Is Love.

    Also, this seems like a somewhat ill-timed ban, given that they’re drawing in new fans from the likes of Rock in Japan Fes, who aren’t going to know the context, and only see that the audience energy is sterile. (I felt this when I saw Momoclo in LA, where there was no dancing and no jumping from the Japan fans, who dominated the first floor of the venue.)
    Ban any jumping in seated sections but start having more standing-room only sections, allowing for mosh pits. That should be a good compromise, and mosh pit self-regulation should dampen really bad oshi-jumping.

  8. In my opinion, banning jump potentially means they will lose a lot of fans. This is no joke, because idol concerts are different.
    However, the damage to the venue due to jumping excessively must have exceeded the damage due to loss of fans.
    Furthermore, it’s appropriate to ban jumping during slow songs, but for songs like Uchouten Love, How do you like Japan, or similar songs, I can’t imagine how disappointed fans will feel if they have to sit watching but doing nothing. It’s like going to the rock concert but enjoying it like a ballad performances.

  9. Just work on your people skills and go build rapport with your oshi at a handshake event or something. So sad that the innocent always end up paying for others’ bad behavior.

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