5 comments on “Nakanishi: “Mano’s erotic drama is airing tonight so I’ll pretend I’m going to sleep”

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  2. Poor innocent Kana XD

    Mano’s drama must be really embarrassing. I just saw the trailer and already knew I didn’t want to watch lol And the linked video of Mano’s scenes is just… O_O

  3. I expected it – it was based on manga written by author of Detroit Metal City. No wonder it’s so erotic.

    I can imagine H!P girls faces while watching it XD

    By the way, is it worth watching? I mean, is it good or total crap when it comes to Mano’s (and other’s) acting?

    • [Minor Minna! Esper da yo spoilers ahead] I watched all of it. It’s difficult to answer if it was worth watching or not… I thought it was absolutely hilarious near the beginning. A naked guy teleported into Mano’s dressing room and, since he didn’t find Mano, he did the second best thing and shoved Mano’s cellphone up his ass. The whole episode was focused on recovering Mano’s cellphone from the dude’s rectum. Another episode was solely focused on finding out whether Mano’s character is a virgin or not.

      There was a lot of pretty hilarious stuff but I felt it kinda started losing steam as it went on, and the ending was in all honesty a disappointment. I can’t really call it a must-watch… but laughs were had in any case.

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