11 comments on “Tower Records President Minewaki: “People who know their music are the ones who end up hooked on H!P”

  1. The guy from 190/196 sums up my feelings. I feel like Tsunku’s overall average has fallen over the past decade, though it’s caught a second wind of late and isn’t quite as low as the 2009/2010/2011 farce. Of course, you still get frankly astounding songs from him, and the occasional album which makes you think “Just when I was about to give up, he gives me this…” (eg. C-ute’s Chou Wonderful).

    On the other hand, really don’t agree with 25. AKB isn’t music for children, it’s music for people who like to put on something boring in the background when they don’t want to think. This is mostly singles though. The stages are okay. Not that there’s been a new stage for fucking years. In 48 the only interesting ones musically are NMB, and their request hour showed how well their fans think of the good (read: mildly crazy) songs: lower than all the AKB ripoff boring ones. Guess it really is down to handshakes.

    Also, despite my mild disappointment that Momoclo’s 2nd album wasn’t fucking soul-destroyingly amazing, I think they’re the group who are getting in more of the prog/metal fans than H!P at the moment. Hell, they’re playing Ozzfest. If that’s not a sign of metal cred then what is? Except maybe Wacken…

  2. (Speaking as a fan of both H!P and the 48 groups :))

    H!P music was what got me into H!P. But I got into AKB48 because of its lyrics. And later on stayed as fans of both group because of the girls :p

    I stand by my dream that the greatest idol music to be produce is a collaboration between Tsunku (with his beautiful music) and Akimoto Yasushi (with his poetic lyrics).

  3. What got me into H!P was it’s music. Before I had a LOT of prejudice about anything related to idols, but I ended up watching some MVs on youtube, back in 2006. I still remember how I thought Shabondama was crap the first time I listened to it, yet in the end I caught myself repeating it over and over again lol
    Then I listened to Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai, Tokaikko Junjou, Love Machine, Summer Night Town, Oosaka Koi no Uta, Special Generation, Roman My Dear Boy, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari… And I ended up being forced to admit to myself that I was hooked. lol
    However, in the beggining I followed H!P only for the music, and couldn’t care less about the girls. Now, years later, here I am, agonizing over oshi rankings. H!P does that to you. Damn you, Tsunku.

    • That is largely how it worked out for me, too. The music pulled me in and made me interested in the people performing them. But then I suppose that’s how it works for me with all music. In any case, I second the “Damn you, Tsunku”.

  4. Garbage rock –> metal –> indie hipster stuff –> H!P

    I feel like there are a lot of metal/prog fans in this fandom, especially with the older males.

    I think Tsunku is pretty much my oshi. He’s got a lot of western rock influences in his music too, so it makes it easy to listen to his stuff.

  5. In my case
    Western (when I was a child) ->Anime songs – >Utada (2 years) -> Jrock (3 years) -> Johnny (6 months) (I hated them now) -> H!P (6-7 years & still am hooked with H!P)
    I was into a lot genre but later I tend to abandon them when I was hooked with new artists..
    So far I never get tired of H!P & still not ready to abandon this fandom anytime soon..
    Main reason is that songs that Tsunku produced seem to be evolving along with the growth of the groups he produced. Just look at Berryz earlier & recent songs. I love that about H!P.

  6. I’m a bassist in a progressive symphonic metal band and I love H!P.
    I think either fact doesn’t affect the other. It’s a matter of tastes and purposes.
    I listen to Japanese music to shut out deep thought so I don’t mind lines like “I love convenience stores”. When I want to meditate on the deeper verbal expression of life, I go back to my own band’s music.

    Thanks for your hard work, Henkka.

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