14 comments on “Things likely to happen if Morning Musume’s next single sold sixty million copies

  1. Fans: Love Machine? Golden Age? OG? Huh? Who are they again?

    lol Thanks for the translation! This was funny!

    • I think they will be all over the latest Haropro station with Ayumin fixing her stuff on the floor.

  2. Haha, this one was really funny. I wish I could read all the comments. Thank you for this and the other translations!

  3. This is a great thread! Thanks for the translation as always.
    500 b-sides? Yes, please. Solo b-sides for every member, a duet for every member with Tsunku, and a b-side for every OG member. lol

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  5. “Daaishi makes her triumphant return to Sendai wearing nothing but Prada.”

    the best one, lol

    • YES! If Tsunku just went ahead and released a complete collection of all of his recorded demo vocals, I would die a happy man.

  6. OMG this one was really funny.
    I loved:
    Sayashi: “Isn’t Kouhaku a bit too much of a private party for us?“

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