15 comments on “Uemura Akari forces Miyazaki Yuka to take a bath with her

  1. Whyyy are they picking the bathroom locks? You are not supposed to do this!

    > I didn’t have a chance against her, and she just threw me in the bathtub while I was still wearing all my clothes.
    > ((((;゚Д゚))))

    A true prophet.

    Why is she so strong!?

    I am amazed.

  2. One said that no one in Juice=Juice want to see Uemuu throwing a tantrum. That’s why the other members and manager always bring ‘Emergency Uemuu Treats’ (i.e chocolate) to calm her down.

    Don’t know if this myth true or false.

  3. Dear Aari, can you please take nude pictures of Mizuki-chan and post them up on your blog please?! In return, I have treats just for you.. Signed, Nakadashi-kun

  4. All my wat.
    Just exactly how cheap are hotel door locks in Japan that they can be picked with a damn coin?

    • Bathroom doors, not hotel room doors. They probably have one of those things, where there’s a handle on the inside you can turn to “lock” them, where on the outside there is a depression into which you can just fit the edge of a coin to turn it back even without a handle on that side.

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      • Much as I would love to fantasize about it, Aari would likely break my penis before I can do some serious damage to her vagina in that bath-tub.

  6. I’m the same as Akari. Heck, I even had similar not so long ago.

    I thought it’d be a great idea to take a bath with my friend, but she strongly opposed to do it. She’s, let’s say, “American size”, so maybe she was ashamed of her body, or just very conservative. Anyway, the more I tried to convince her, the angrier she got, so in the end I had to take bath alone -_-

    Though it’s not like I totally gave up already…

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