9 comments on “We now know what type of guys Miyamoto Karin likes!!!

  1. I lol at >>29 :D

    I would like to know why types of guys other ju=ju member likes especially Yuka and Akari..

  2. T-this standard is too low! www

    Karin-chan is definitely going to Natsuyaki-san’s hostess school.

  3. I like how the posts started out mostly compassionate for her or optimistic for themselves, but they quickly got cynical towards the end.

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  5. I never knew that I was very similar to Miyamoto-chan. That’s weird, maybe I should try to join Juice=Juice. So finally there would be one male in H!P. And after I would have finally infiltrated their legendary building Tsunku would ruin everything: “Hey! Hey you! You are not a female, you have to leave immediately!” (most likely I wouldn’t understand most of his unclear husky voice) And I would be like: “But Tsunku-san, don’t you recognise me? It’s me, Miyamoto Karin. Would you like a grape?”

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