8 comments on “Important announcement from Takahashi Ai

    • I wonder how an openly gay idol couple would be accepted by Japanese wota, or Japanese society as a whole… I know many non-Japanese fans will be overjoyed (me included) !

      • Ai-chan and Gaki-san would have to be both mentally ill and evil for that to happen. They strike me as being both nice and well adjusted.

      • From my experience the majority of Japanese have generally nothing against gay people, it’s more of a “as long as it’s not my relative, it’s ok” mentality because of tatemae and because they care what the society in general sees as acceptable – their birth rate is dramatically decreasing – and in times like that it’s not good to have gay people around. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear that “gay people don’t exist” in Japan. Looking at the past, there were gay samurai and no religious stigmata to it. As a result you often see people commenting and fangirling about gay activities in Japanese mainstream media. I think they are more tolerant to it than some westerners but can’t show it or have concern because of the social stigmata and consequences to it.

  1. If I was a wota I’d prefer to see the members marry each other rather than marry some random guy. :D

  2. Oh, Ai-chan. Sooooo sweet and sooooo totally inappropriate at the same time. You sure have a special gift.

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