20 comments on “Niigaki Risa opens up about the extreme bashing she received upon joining Morning Musume

  1. >You guys are talking about people “ganging up” on a 12-year-old, but you’re thinking about it in terms of today’s sense of values.

    so apparently they think grown adults bullying children was acceptable back in those days? and over such a petty reason that wasn’t even confirmed to be true, just baseless gossip? i can’t stand people like them.

  2. Wow, this is terrible, and apparently some awful things are happening to Kaedy too? Breaks my heart. Gaki-san was never my favorite but I also never had any ill will towards her, or any of the girls in Morning Musume. How could you?

  3. If >>46 doesn’t like having stuff made up about him and being insulted, he should follow his own advice and quit posting.

  4. Well, if nothing else, this thread answers my long-standing question of whether 2ch wota ever got into serious arguments like on any other internet message board.

    I mean, the answer is an obvious one, but just from reading WiT you’d think the most they’d ever disagreed upon was which girl had a nicer butt and such.

  5. Gaki was one of the best ever at Morning Musume. I am glad she and her parents stuck it out at the beginning.

  6. If the wota wanted to BOO at someone for changing their beloved Morning in Musume “newbie” rule they should have taken it up with the H!P/UF for letting her in, not the poor girl herself!

  7. I had no idea Gaki went through this. The wota still defending how they treated her are disgusting.

  8. Gakisan has always been and will alway be a fucking trooper. She is incredible inside and out and these people could drop dead and nothing bad would come of it

  9. I can kind of understand the sentiment here because I experienced it with the American variety show Saturday Night Live. For ten years it had a revolving cast of promising but fairly unknown comedians and actors but then brought in a couple established stars. Lots of us fans were hacked off and were going to boycott but management put out a press release explaining they changed the formula because a couple of the previous cycles sucked (mostly true) and they were still mostly bringing in rookies (true).

    With Idol Management being what it is, I wonder if they stayed silent on the Gaki-san issue to intentionally develop drama?

  10. Awful. Bullying a 12 year old like that how cruel I would never. I’m glad I learned about this in the previous thread and how she found the strength to move forward.

  11. Bullying a 12-year-old girl is so mean. What makes me angrier is there are some Wota who still wants to justify their hate in her anyway (like.. one thing is, you get disappointed area the company because of their choices, the other is bashing her like a scapegoat for your frustrations)

  12. Wow, I seriously cannot believe how messed up in the head some people are that they think it’s justifiable to treat a young girl (or anyone really) like this over something so insignificant, and the worst thing is that they’re not sorry about it even after everything turned out to be a huge misunderstanding! The agency should have definitely said something to clear things up (that still doesn’t make the wota’s actions right though).

    Gaki was already one of my favorite Morning Musume members and after this I only respect her more, it must have been very difficult for her but she persevered and she became one of the most awesome Morning Musume members ever.

  13. This type of things will go on. Let’s not forget that Ikuta Erina had a horrible time in the beginning because of wotas telling her horrible things. A mic recording came out. Gaki helped her a lot.

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