7 comments on “Niigaki Risa brings homemade lunchboxes to everyone at work; is told she’ll “make for a good wife”

  1. 186 is both right and wrong.

    Whoever’s been considering the possibility of divorce the longest and has prepared themselves mentally over the natural changes will be able to recover quicker.
    If it comes as a surprise to one of them, then naturally they’ll take far longer to get over it. Same for those who decided upon it but failed to realize just how much the depended on their now-ex before it was too late.

    Other than that, glad she’s started to make it a bit of a character for herself. Even tho hers is hardly mainstream discussed lol

  2. Ouch. lol
    But I agree with >17, her talking about it like this is a good sign. I want my Gaki to be happy.

  3. When did Chayuuu make this comment about Junjun and Linlin ? Does that mean they still kept in touch ? *-*

  4. Idk, I could be wrong but I have a friend going through divorce rn and she’s forced herself to accept that discussing her private life is necessary.

    It COULD be easy for Gaki to joke about it, or she could be in the same boat of knowing it’s necessary whether she wants to or not. People will always make comments and always ask, especially for a celebrity.

    Either way, I think she’s a wonderful person and if she wants to remarry, I hope happiness comes her way.

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